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byp It builds your C++ code with G++ or VC++'s CL.

canvace The Canvace Visual Development Environment.

create-blockly quickly bootstrap Blockly instances in node and browser

dflow dataflow programming for node.js

ender-wallet see what's inside your ender $

grunt-testflow UI Web testing with user flows

mongoose-visual Generate a styled HTML document representing your loaded Mongoose.js Models

post-process A generic GLSL post-processing module for applying super-speedy GPU effects to images, videos and canvas elements

resemblejs Image analysis and comparison with HTML5

review Regression testing visual review tool

vipe Visual programming environment

visible Print whitespace and non-ASCII characters in a stream. Like cat -v.

visual Awesome tool for npm package dependencies visualization

visualbench Render data produced by bench in a browser

visualgdb Web interface for gdb debugger

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