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amplitude-viewer render amplitudes like an oscilloscope in the browser given arrays of data

asq-visualization Visualization for ASQ

assetviz A graph visualization of the assets and their relations in your web app

chartra is beautiful and useful, coming soon...

circadian day-oriented visualization

cloudvisio Visual Representation of cloud data

cloudvisio-cli [WIP] CLI for cloudvisio

colony In-browser network graphs representing the links between your Node.js code and its dependencies.

crossfilter Fast multidimensional filtering for coordinated views.

cubism A JavaScript library for time series visualization.

cubism-browser cubism npm package for browsers

cytoscape A JavaScript graph library for analysis and visualisation

d3 A small, free JavaScript library for manipulating documents based on data.

d3-browser d3 npm package for browsers

d3-browserify A small, free JavaScript library for manipulating documents based on data.

d3-gauge Gauge visualization built on top of d3.

d3-gauge-writable d3 gauge with a writable stream API so you can pipe into it.

d3-geo-projection Extended geographic projections for D3.js.

d3-geomap A reusuable choropleth map for d3.js

d3-line-chart A d3.js library to draw line charts easily

d3-star-plot A star plot reusuable chart generator for d3.js

d3.chart.bubble-matrix A bubble-matrix chart for the Web Generate word clouds in JavaScript.

d3ify An exportable version of d3: A small, free JavaScript library for manipulating documents based on data.

dc A multi-dimensional charting library built to work natively with crossfilter and rendered using d3.js

dotdash see wiki:

envision stream data to a d3 visualization

eta we have our visualizations to be shared

euclidean-distance Calculate the Euclidean distance been two points in 2D/3D/nD space.

frequency-viewer plot frequencies in the browser from raw data

generator-processingjs A generator for Yeoman

gl-surface-plot Renders 2D surfaces

grunt-graphviz Compile DOT files

grunt-plato Generate complexity analysis reports with plato

hashblot Functions for hash visualization.

histogram-pretty Create callback functions that bin your data into histogram buckets

iriver Data Visualization Generator Lib

jointjs JavaScript diagramming library The open-source data visualization framework's Framework Engine

jsynth-waveform draws waveforms to canvas

leaflet.heat A tiny and fast Leaflet heatmap plugin.

npm-describe NPM package dependencies visualization

pathgl A webgl renderer for data visualization, motion graphics and explorable explanations.

plotly Simple node.js wrapper for the API

retricon create indenticon-like visual hashes styled like Github and Gravatar (retro) avatars

sequence-viz An integrated set of visualizations for event data.

simpleheat A tiny JavaScript library for drawing heatmaps with Canvas

springy A force directed graph layout algorithm in JavaScript.

stream-vis Visualize your streams with Browserify!

stream-viz Visualizes a stream in the browser.

supergroup Nested groups on arrays of objects where groups are Strings that know what you want them to know about themselves and their relatives.

trianglify Trianglify is a javascript library for generating colorful triangle meshes that can be used as SVG images and CSS backgrounds.

two.js A two-dimensional drawing api meant for modern browsers.

twojs-browserify A browserified two-dimensional drawing api meant for modern browsers.

vega Vega Runtime

vis A dynamic, browser-based visualization library.

wigglemaps WiggleMaps is a Javascript API for building dynamic and interactive maps in the web browser. By leveraging WebGL, WiggleMaps extends geographical visualizations beyond current web mapping approaches. Unlike WMS solutions, layers can be fully styled at runtime to allow rich, interactive visualizations. Through portable Shapefile and GeoJSON readers, WiggleMaps brings multiple geographic data types to the web, allowing developers flexibility when deploying geodata in their applications.

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