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brozula Lua VM for running luajit bytecode in JavaScript

context-eval JavaScript code execution context for the browser and wrapper around node vm module

contextify Turn an object into a persistent execution context.

eval Evaluate node require() module content directly

generator-vm A vm generator for Yeoman

iectrl Command line interface and Node module for managing ievms virtual machines

ifvms The Interactive Fiction Virtual Machines Suite - in Javascript

iobox Input/Output iobox

lxc Linux containers (LXC) NodeJS wrapper

lxc.js A simple LXC wrapper for OpenDyno

pb-builder node.js profitbricks vm builder and wrapper around the pb soap api

react-app-server-runtime Minimal Node-based runtime to eval React components on server

sandbox.js Execute code in a sandbox with a require() whitelist

shahe A small library to load javascript classes into a node vm context

tart-vm Tart behavior sandbox

tb-check-vm Check conf_assets in control

toSrc Turns every JavaScript object or primitive into valid source code.

udibo-sandbox A node.js sandbox.

vagabond A simple utility for managing the virtual machine lifecycle

vagrant-neo4j A simple Vagrant script for setting up a Neo4j VM.

vm Some vm tools.

vm-browserify vm module for the browser

vm.js Javascript bytecode compiler/virtual machine implemented in pure coffeescript

vm2 vm2 is a sandbox that can run untrusted code with whitelisted built-in node objects. Securely!.

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