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ao-mesher Voxel ambient occlusion mesher

ao-shader Ambient occlusion capable shader for ao-mesher

atlaspack Pack rectangles (or images) into a rectangle (or canvas texture atlas).

bitmap-triangulate Triangulates a bitmap image

console-widget An interactive console control widget for your webpage

craft An HTML5 crafting API.

cube-icon 3D CSS cubes

game-shell-fps-camera first person shooter camera for game-shell

greedy-mesher Greedy mesh compiler

isabella-texture-pack Creative commons licensed texture pack for voxel games

isosurface 3D isosurface polygonizer

kb-bindings-ui user interface for kb-bindings

mca2js convert minecraft(tm) .mca region files to JS typed arrays

mcmeta parse .mcmeta JSON files

mineflayer-voxel A plugin to give you a web-based view of your mineflayer bot.

ndarray-continuous Create continuous "chunked" grids/volumes with ndarrays

ndarray-prefix-sum Computes a prefix sum of an ndarray

ndarray-segment Run length encoded sparse ndarray

nhapi Voxel (Internap) Hosting API (hAPI) client

peerjs-lobby a lobby system for peer to peer apps

playerdat load player.dat into an inventory

programmerart-textures free voxel-related artwork

rle-components Connected component labeling / extraction for narrowband level sets

rle-extents Finds bounding box for rle volume

rle-ndarray Convert between ndarrays and rle volumes

rle-rasterize Rasterizes meshes into narrowband level sets

rle-save-binvox Export to binvox file format

rle-voxeljs Narrowband level set to voxeljs conversion tool

voxel-artpacks artpack selector dialog (voxel.js plugin)

voxel-assemblies assemblies of voxel parts

voxel-audio Use positional audio in your voxel.js game

voxel-avatar Overlay an image or video on a minecraft skin in voxel.js

voxel-backup Connect to a voxel-server and store the world chunks in level db

voxel-blockdata store arbitrary per-block data in chunks

voxel-camera A camera for voxeljs

voxel-carry player inventory to carry items

voxel-chest chests to store your items (voxel.js plugin)

voxel-chunks detached voxel chunk geometries with independent matrix translations

voxel-colorist Colour grading post-processing shader for voxel.js

voxel-commands a few basic commands for voxel-console (voxel.js plugin)

voxel-console Text console widget for voxel.js

voxel-creature create creatures for voxel.js

voxel-crunch Simple run length encoding library

voxel-csg csg for voxel models

voxel-daylight daytime lighting (voxel.js plugin)

voxel-debris create and collect voxel debris from exploded voxels

voxel-drone An AR Drone simulator in

voxel-drop drag and drop various types of files to load them into your game (voxel.js plugin)

voxel-fakeao Apply a naive ambient occlusion to geometry faces.

voxel-forest generate voxel trees

voxel-fractal-terrain generate terrain with fractal diamond algorithm

voxel-gamepad Adds gamepad support for voxel.js using the HTML5 Gamepad API

voxel-glslgen Push voxel terrain generation to the GPU using a GLSL shader

voxel-heightmap-terrain generate voxel terrain using a png heightmap

voxel-inventory-crafting player crafting inventory dialog (voxel.js plugin)

voxel-inventory-dialog player inventory dialog (voxel.js plugin)

voxel-inventory-hotbar a hotbar for player inventory (voxel.js plugin)

voxel-json capture player edits into json voxel diffs

voxel-keys events for key bindings (voxel.js plugin)

voxel-label a voxeljs module that implements LabelPlugin , a three.js plugin that adds labels to your game players (avatars).

voxel-land generate landforms for voxel-engine

voxel-level store voxel.js chunks in level.js

voxel-mesher Voxel ambient occlusion mesher

voxel-modal modal elements blocking game interaction (voxel.js addon)

voxel-modal-dialog modal dialog element using voxel-modal (voxel.js plugin)

voxel-move Utility for rotation relative based movement in voxeljs

voxel-oculus 3D Side by Side stereo view to be used with the Oculus Rift

voxel-perlin-terrain generate voxel terrain using perlin noise

voxel-physical-camera physical camera for voxel-engine

voxel-pickaxe pickaxe tools to help you mine (voxel.js plugin)

voxel-player create a skinnable player with physics enabled

voxel-plugins dynamically load plugins for voxel-engine

voxel-plugins-ui user interface for voxel-plugins

voxel-portal create teleport portals for voxel.js textured with the camera view at the destination

voxel-portal-gun A portal gun for voxel.js

voxel-pp GLSL post-processing module for Voxel.js

voxel-pumpkin carvable pumpkin blocks (voxel.js plugin)

voxel-put-something place generated things

voxel-reach reach distance for block breaking and placing (voxel.js plugin)

voxel-registry A shared registry for managing item and block IDs (voxel.js plugin)

voxel-shader Ambient occlusion capable shader for ao-mesher

voxel-share Take a snapshot of voxel.js and share on imgur/twitter

voxel-sheep Block sheep for voxel.js

voxel-simplex-terrain generate voxel terrain using simplex noise

voxel-sky A sky for voxel.js

voxel-snow Snow for voxel.js

voxel-spider blocky spider creatures for your voxel.js game

voxel-stitch atlaspack block textures from voxel-registry

voxel-storage store voxel worlds locally with IndexedDB

voxel-tetris play tetris in voxel.js

voxel-texture A texture helper for voxeljs

voxel-texture-shader A custom shader for texturing voxels in voxeljs

voxel-things library of things

voxel-throw Pick up and throw voxels in voxel.js

voxel-trajectory Calculate a trajectory in voxel.js

voxel-trees generate voxel trees

voxel-voila show name of block highlighted at cursor (voxel.js plugin)

voxel-wall Create walls for voxel.js games.

voxel-wireframe wireframe shader for voxels

voxel-workbench crafting workbench

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