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advanced-require Require things in Node.js.

ammeter a command-line tool for monitoring file size

array-tracker Statefully tracks arrays for additions and deletions.

assetspack clever assets packagement

auto-watch Utilities for auto watching file trees in node.js.

autoborg Automatic compilation of changed files, live updates in the browser

beholder Robust cross-platform file watcher

bewitch File watch and synchronizer

bigpipe-watch Server side bigpipe plugin to watch file changes during development.

browser-refresh Node.js module to enable server restart and browser restart in response to file modifications

browserify-watcher watches a set of js files, bundles each with browserify into a bundle. uses browserify 1.x, currently.

buildfresh Runs a command then reloads your browser when files change

calaxa calaxa ======

cashier a module for caching static http responses in memory

catw concatenate file globs, watching for changes

cha-watch Watch extension for cha.

changeling A readable stream that watches a file for changes and then outputs its contents.

chokidar A neat wrapper around node.js / fs.watchFile.

chokidar-test A neat wrapper around node.js / fs.watchFile.

cli-juggle watch files and execute command on change

clock Indicate and co-ordinate time events

cluster-overseer An experimental cluster manager

coffee-watcher A script that can watch a directory and recompile your .coffee scripts if they change

coffeemaker Build tools for coffeesript node.js apps

conf-loader Config file loader and watcher for Node.js

cordell Cordell - One bad mofo directory walker and file watcher

crox-grunt Crox task plugin for Grunt.

deep-watch Exactly like, but with sub-directory support.

deepnotify Takes a root dir and recursively streams present and future files Design and Test Your App in Real-Time from TextMate

devwatch File-watcher to run any bash script on file changes

dgraph-live Watch and report changes to sources in dgraph

directory-doctor Self-contained directory management library.

directory-tree-watcher Using the command to keep track of changes in directory trees

document-watch watch for atomic changes in a document

dusterjs A tool to watch and compile a directory of dust.js templates

este-watch Fast and reliable files watcher.

eye CLI tool to run commands when files change

eye-of-git watch-events for changes to head in specified git branches

file-size-watcher Watches files for size changes, emitting an event when they do.

file-tail Like tail -F command in unix. Runs on Windows (no Contains command line version.

filenotify Watchs a file and emits 'data' events containging new data/lines in file

filewatcher Wrapper around with fallback to fs.watchFile

findr monitor a directory

fisher watch file or directory change accurately

flour Javascript build tools based on coffee-script & cake

fs-watch 修复各个平台中的fs.watch的限制

fs-watcher Monitor a tree of files and folders for creations, changes, and deletions

fs-wwatch extends functionality with small timeout, fixing multiple callback execution on some OS

fs.notify file change notification that doesn't suck hairy monkey balls and just works.

fsjs Tiny opiniated web framework for node that relies heavily on fs.

fsmonitor Fine-grained cross-platform file system monitoring for Node.js

fswatchr A recursive

fswin nodejs fs extensions for windows

gargoyle Watches a directory for file changes. You know. Like a gargoyle.

gaze A globbing wrapper built from the best parts of other fine watch libs.

gazer Watch some files, do a thing

gcf get directory changed files

globwatcher watch a set of files for changes (including create/delete) by glob patterns

grunt-boilerplate Grunt.js Boilerplate, dedicated to work with coffeescript, compass and livereload

grunt-contrib-crox Crox task plugin for Grunt.

grunt-contrib-watch Run predefined tasks whenever watched file patterns are added, changed or deleted.

grunt-este-watch Run predefined tasks whenever watched file changes. LiveReload included.

grunt-express Start (and supervise) an Express.js web server using grunt.js, works well with

grunt-focus Focus and run a subset of watch targets

grunt-hub A Grunt task to watch and run tasks on multiple Grunt projects

grunt-listen Bridge between Grunt and Listen gem.

grunt-nautilus Build modular javascript applications that make sense

grunt-qc-watch grunt-contib-watch修改,支持目录遍历

grunt-regarde Observe a set of files for changes

grunt-setup Quickly start a sass & backbone project with grunt & bower.

grunt-simple-watch no need to change your gruntfile configurations

grunt-timer Times the duration of each of your grunt tasks automatically and outputs the execution time in milliseconds to the console after each task (or optionally, at the end). It also logs the total time for all logged tasks.

grunt-watch-nospawn Run predefined tasks whenever watched file patterns are added, changed or deleted.

gulp-aggregate Keep track of received files and send them as a batch all together.

gulp-batch Event batcher for gulp-watcher

gulp-deps Get the complete list of a files dependencies

gulp-nodemon A gulp task that will reload your node script when it changes.

gulp-watch Watch, that actually is an endless stream

gulp-watch-network Watch File Events received over the Network using net.connect and Listen

gulp-watchify integrates watchify with gulp.js

gump The task runner that keeps on running

handlebars-watch A module that will execute a Handlebars precompilation command whenever a change is made in the watched directories

hawkeye Monitors files for changes and fires commands straight at them when they do.

head-hunter Hunt heads in web requests. Let's you proxy HTTP requests and watch headers for requests matching your description

hey An event driven file watcher for NodeJS with some sugar

hound Cross platform directory tree watcher, focussed on reliability, speed, and simplicity.

hyperwatch Streams server side log messages to the browser and renders them inside your page.

icing Dependency management for cake command.

inotify inotify bindings for v8 javascript engine

inotifywait Yet another nodejs implementation. Good for big directories structures and lot of files.

irc-notifier IRC email notifications (keywords/phrases mentions)

jade-watch jade templates watcher

james James is a composable build tool which prefers code over configuration.

jastyco Watch and compile jade, stylus, coffee-script files

javascript-packager Conactenate and minify javscripts files

jekyll-cli CLI for Jekyll by NodeJS

jib jib is a new take on make(1)

jive live reload your browser on file changes

jlbox bootstrap julia projects, provide a watching mechanism to run tests for modified julia files

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