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arso Weather from ARSO

clima-tempo Communication with Clima Tempo accessing information about the weather of Brazil.

darksky Dark Sky API wrapper for nodeJS

fo-openweathermap ForecastJS adapter

forecast Weather information for node.js

forecast-cli Gets the weather for you, and beautifully displays it in your terminal - using the API.

forecastjs Weather data collector.

gismeteo-weather nodeJS/npm wrapper for the Gismeteo weather API

hubot-forecastio A Hubot Script that looks up weather forcast data from with geocoding courtesy of Google Maps

hubot-weather-ja hubot scripts weather information from

metar-js METAR weather information parser

meteo Command line to get the weather based on location.

mhl-buoy-data MHL buoys track swell conditions off the coast of NSW Australia. This will parse their GIF graphs so the data can be used in other ways

myweather2 Simple interface for the myWeather2 API

now-forecast Get current weather conditions via

openweather-node Get weather from openweather

openweathermap A small abstraction layer for the openweathermap API

raspi-temp-logger Get the current temperature with a Raspberry Pi, log it to a csv-file

raspi-weather-webservice-api weather as a json service

raspi-weather-webservice-static static files as a service

simpleweather A simple jQuery plugin to display the current weather information for any location.

vanebot A multi-network IRC bot for serving up weather forecasts and related info

weather-forecast Generate a weather forecast for a GPS location

weather.js Weather.js ==========

weatherapi A module to retrieve information about weather from

weatherman Node weather client A simple Node.js module for integrating with the API

weatherme A command line tool to provide weather from

weathernaut CLI tool for querying the Weather Underground API

weathers get the weather

wunderbar Simple interface for the wunderground API.

wunderground-api-client Query the API using Node.js

wundergroundnode Weather Underground chainable API for nodeJS

wundernode Wunderground API module for nodeJS Module to easily retrieve simple weather forecast for a given time and location. Wrapper for the weather service API. A work in progress.

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