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avos-express-cookie-session AVOS Cloud Code cookie session middleware for express framework.

avos-express-https-redirect AVOS Cloud Code https redirect middleware for express framework.

avoscloud-code AVOS Cloud Code SDK.

moduleLoader Provides a way to load multiple modules into webservice at once

node-qiniu Qiniu Resource Storage SDK for Node.js

node-trello Node wrapper for Trello's HTTP API.

pa11y-webservice pa11y-webservice provides scheduled accessibility reports for multiple URLs

pa11y-webservice-client-node pa11y-webservice-client-node is a Node.js client library for pa11y-webservice

qiniu Node wrapper for Qiniu Resource (Cloud) Storage API

qnz Node wrapper for Qiniu Resource (Cloud) Storage API

remedata Express middle-ware to create a "instant on" Mock web services layer (ReST/Json)

thingme Build web-services for finding and randomizing things

webservice turns modules into RESTFul web-services

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