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audio-context A WebAudio Context singleton

bitcrusher Bitcrush effect for the web audio API

boombox.js Browser sound library which blended HTMLVideo and HTMLAudio and WebAudio

get-user-media Cross browser navigator.getUserMedia with a node api

jsynth-mic Web Audio Mic/Line-in node from getUserMedia

jsynth-sync syncopator for audio scripting

mediastream-gain cross-browser getUserMedia shim with node.js style error-first API.

nvelope enveloping for audio and time domain DSP

sfjs Command line tool for creating sound font js files compatible with MIDI.js.

soundfontjs dsaad

uupaa.audiospec.js Audio Spec.

waveform-data Audio Waveform Data Manipulation API – resample, offset and segment waveform data in JavaScript.

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