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angela Command-line interface tool to test Web applications from the command-line. The tool runs suites of tests written with Jasmine in some Web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, PhantomJS, Android) using WebDriver.

astrolabe Page objects for protractor

browser-upgrade Sugar over selenium webdriver

browserstack-webdriver BrowserStack WebDriver JavaScript bindings with keep alive support

buster-selenium Buster.js extension to work with selenium-webdriver, wd, or webdriverjs.

chai-webdriver Build more expressive integration tests with some webdriver sugar for chai.js

co-nwd pure node.js implementation of Selenium WebDriver Wire Protocol using generators

dalek-internal-webdriver JavaScript Webdriver Client for DalekJS

dalek-internal-webdriver-canary JavaScript Webdriver Client for DalekJS

driver-wrapper Webdriver E2E test wrapper for NodeJS.

firefox-profile firefox profile for selenium WebDriverJs, admc/wd or any other node selenium driver that supports capabilities

generator-pr0d Yeoman generator for Single Page Application with Backbone framework, coffeescript, jade and stylus

grunt-integration Run Integration Tests using Selenium, Mocha, a Server, and a Browser

grunt-mocha-protractor Run e2e angular tests with webdriver.

grunt-protractor-webdriver grunt plugin for starting Protractor's bundled Selenium Webdriver

grunt-sauce-driver Grunt task for running Selenium WebDriver tests on SauceLabs.

grunt-sauce-tap Run TAP tests in the browser with Sauce Labs, automated with Grunt

grunt-selenium Run Selenium suite

grunt-selenium-simple Run selenium server.

grunt-webdriver grunt-webdriver is a grunt plugin to run selenium tests with Mocha and WebdriverJS

grunt-webdriver-jasmine-runner A grunt plugin that runs jasmine tests using webdriver.

grunt-webdriver-qunit grunt-webdriver-qunit is a grunt plugin to run qunit with webdriver in grunt

gruntest mirror x 2 on the wall, who's the gruntest of them all?

gulp-protractor-qa Gulp Protractor QA warns you on the fly whether all element() selectors could be found or not within your AngularJS view files.

jasmine-webdriver-controller Adds methods to jasmine that enable it to send commands to a webdriver server

jeeves Selenium RemoteWebDriver abstraction layer built on the 'wd' npm module

jwebdriver A webdriver client for node.js

karma-webdriver-launcher A Karma plugin. Launcher for Remote WebDriver instances.

kommando Configurable cross browser functional / acceptance test launcher (using Webdriver)

meteor-storm WebDriver E2E test wrapper for Meteor.

meteor-test-runner A test runner for Meteor

min-wd Minimal WebDriver that pipes stdin to browsers

mochify TDD for browserified code with Mocha, PhantomJS and WebDriver

nwd pure node.js implementation of Selenium WebDriver Wire Protocol

page-chauffeur A cross browser library for writing functional tests using webdriver

phantom-wd A webdriver wrapper around PhantomJS

phantom-wd-runner Run PhantomJS's WebDriver server in a separate process.

pressable Representations of pressable keys that aren't text. These are stored in the Unicode PUA (Private Use Area) code points, 0xE000-0xF8FF.

protractor Webdriver E2E test wrapper for Angular.

protractor-tester A tool to quickly test your protractor selectors from the command line

qcumberbatch Integration wrapper between qcumber and webdriverjs.

rainbowdriver Node runner for Rainbowdriver, a Selenium compatible driver for metro style windows 8 / winjs apps.

sauce-tap-runner Automate running TAP browser unit tests on Sauce Labs

selenium-factory node-selenium configuration wrapper

selenium-global Adds Selenium constructors to the global object for easier testing.

selenium-mocha-runner Run mocha tests in the selenium environment

selenium-node-webdriver Node.js WebDriver client from the Selenium project

selenium-pageobject A lightweight pageobject library for selenium's webdriverjs

selenium-utils Utility functions for selenium/webdriver

selenium-webdriver The official WebDriver JavaScript bindings from the Selenium project

sync-webdriver synchronous API for web driver

testium Synchronous integration testing with Node.js bindings for WebDriver

watai Integration testing for the modern web

wd-sync sync version of wd using fibers.

wd-tap Run TAP tests in the browser with WebDriver

wd-tap-runner Automate TAP browser unit tests with WebDriver

wd-tap-test Run TAP tests in the browser from the console using WebDriver

wd-video Utility for recording videos of your integration tests with WD

wd-video-recorder Utility for recording videos of your integration tests with WD

wdm selenium webdriver manager

web-driver Synchronous WebDriver bindings to node.js

web-pilot some glue to make test automation better

webdriver-helper JavaScript WebDriver Helper offer the friendly apis while using selenium-webdriver.

webdriver-helpers Convenience functions for working with WebDriver

webdriver-launcher Node.js Selenium Webdriver Launcher

webdriver-sizzle Locate a selenium-webdriver element by sizzle CSS selector

webdriver-sync Synchronous testing with Selenium and node.js!

webdrivercss Regression testing tool for WebdriverJS

webdriverjs A nodejs bindings implementation for selenium 2.0/webdriver

webdriverjs-retry Retry helper for WebDriverJS

webdriverjs-selenium-bundle Want to use webdriverjs without needing to start the selenium-server separately? In that case, this is a bundle for you!

webdrvr NPM wrapper for Selenium Webdriver including Chromedriver / IEDriver / IOSDriver / Ghostdriver

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