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astrolabe Page objects for protractor

browserstack-webdriver BrowserStack WebDriver JavaScript bindings with keep alive support

buster-selenium Buster.js extension to work with selenium-webdriver, wd, or webdriverjs.

driver-wrapper Webdriver E2E test wrapper for NodeJS.

grunt-mocha-protractor Run e2e angular tests with webdriver.

grunt-webdriver grunt-webdriver is a grunt plugin to run selenium tests with Mocha and WebdriverJS

meteor-storm WebDriver E2E test wrapper for Meteor.

meteor-test-runner A test runner for Meteor

page-chauffeur A cross browser library for writing functional tests using webdriver

protractor Webdriver E2E test wrapper for Angular.

selenium-mocha-runner Run mocha tests in the selenium environment

selenium-pageobject A lightweight pageobject library for selenium's webdriverjs

selenium-webdriver The official WebDriver JavaScript bindings from the Selenium project

selenium-webdriverjs WebdriverJS from SeleniumHQ SVN, compiled & packaged for npm

webdriver-helpers Convenience functions for working with WebDriver

webdrivercss Regression testing tool for WebdriverJS

webdriverjs A nodejs bindings implementation for selenium 2.0/webdriver

webdriverjs-retry Retry helper for WebDriverJS

webdriverjs-rs-hotfix A nodejs bindings implementation for selenium 2.0/webdriver

webdriverjs-selenium-bundle Want to use webdriverjs without needing to start the selenium-server separately? In that case, this is a bundle for you!

whipcream Chai-style chaining sugar for webdriverjs

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