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a-big-triangle Draws a big triangle

ao-shader Ambient occlusion capable shader for ao-mesher

arcball A simple library agnostic arcball camera.

babylonjs Babylon.js is a 3D engine based on webgl and javascript.

batchgl A library for easy WebGL batching.

bowser-cli A command line interface to create bowser-engine based games with ease.

bowser-engine A WebGL game engine based on three.js.

box-frustum Checks if an axis aligned bounding box intersects a camera frustum.

cloudvisio Visual Representation of cloud data

cloudvisio-cli [WIP] CLI for cloudvisio

conway-hart CommonJS port of George Hart's polyhedral notation library

dg-webgl Direct Graphics -compatible webgl bindings.

dot-obj A generic parser for the .obj 3D geometry format

dotdash see wiki:

draw-billboard Draws a billboarded sprite

embr Embr is a helper library which attempts to enable sharing code between Plask and WebGL. It is considered experimental and under heavy development.

embr-presets Preset vertex buffer functions for embr

esterakt Structs and webgl compatible interleaved buffers

extract-frustum-planes Extracts the planes for a WebGL viewing frustum

figment CommonJS Figure Drawer. Imports and Exports a variety of 3D models.

figure CommonJS Figure Drawer. Imports and Exports a variety of 3D models.

game-shell Ready-to-go game shell

game-shell-orbit-camera Attaches an orbit-camera to a game-shell with default key bindings

generator-phaser-official Yeoman Generator for the Phaser Game framework. Includes state and prefab generators

geomath AMD Geometry and Matrix modules using reuse pattern for better performance

gl Creates a WebGL context without a window

gl-axes Renders axes for WebGL plots

gl-basic-tile-map Draws 2D tile maps using WebGL

gl-buffer WebGL buffer wrapper

gl-catch-context Retrieve any newly created WebGL contexts as they're being created. Useful for instrumentation.

gl-fbo Frame buffer object wrapper for WebGL

gl-mesh Static indexed mesh drawing for WebGL

gl-now Create a WebGL context now!

gl-render-text Renders text to a WebGL texture

gl-shader WebGL shader wrapper

gl-shader-core Core implementation of gl-shader without parser dependencies

gl-shader-hook Instruments WebGL shaders to keep track of updates and modify existing shaders on the fly.

gl-shells Simple ready-to-go viewers for static models in WebGL

gl-simplicial-complex Draws a simplicial complex in WebGL

gl-state Saves WebGL context state

gl-surface-plot Renders 2D surfaces

gl-texture2d WebGL texture wrapper

gl-tile-map Creates a mip mapped texture atlas from a list of tiles and uploads it to WebGL

gl-vao Vertex array object wrapper/shim for WebGL

glify a webgl compiler browserify transform

gljsmin convert .vert and .frag files from a folder into a useful .js file with module.exports

globe Location-based resourcing of 3D map geometry

glsl-noise webgl-noise shaders ported to work with glslify

glsl-optimizer GLSL optimizer

glsl-playground (work in progress)

glsl-transition Make Transitions Effects with the power of WebGL Shaders (GLSL)

glsl-transitions Collection of GLSL Transitions Effects based on glsl-transition

heightmap-mesher A naive heightmap mesher that takes a 2D ndarray and returns a 3D mesh

jagat JAGAT server for implementing trendy concepts: Live Collaboration, WebGL+HTML5+ResponsiveGrid, Live Content Update.

lysertron Semantic Music Visualization, extensible by WebGL doodlers.

mesh-viewer Just draws meshes

ndarray Multidimensional Arrays

ndarray-nobuffer Multidimensional Arrays

node-webgl WebGL bindings for node

pathgl A webgl renderer for data visualization, motion graphics and explorable explanations.

pgl A node module to provide a mesh drawing libray for use with the Plask programming environment for OSX.

pixi Super fast 2D rendering engine for browserify, that uses WebGL with a context 2d fallback.

pp-now Quick setup for single-pass GLSL post-processing with gl-now

renders A local development server for fragment shaders inspired by beefy and GLSL Sandbox. Works out of the box with glslify too!

rle-core Core tools for working with narrow band level sets in JavaScript

shader.js simple shader library for webgl + browserify

shaderify Browser module and browserify plugin for compiling webgl shaders

shayda A friendly interface around WebGL shader programs

simple-2d-shader A simple 2D shader

simple-3d-shader A simple 3d shader for webgl

surfacecurve-gfx a client-side rendering engine

surfacecurve-shaderbuilder a JSON-based shader graph builder for WebGL

texture.js browserify module for webgl textures

texturecompiler Texture data compiler for content.js

theatrejs A high-performance animation editor for the web

three JavaScript 3D library

timeflow (work in progress)

toxiclibsjs-examples The website for toxiclibs.js

two.js A two-dimensional drawing api meant for modern browsers.

twojs-browserify A browserified two-dimensional drawing api meant for modern browsers.

typed-array Typed Array implementation for V8 and Node.js

unindex-mesh Takes a list of vertices and faces, giving you back an array of individual triangles.

voxel-audio Use positional audio in your voxel.js game

voxel-heightmap-terrain generate voxel terrain using a png heightmap

voxel-oculus 3D Side by Side stereo view to be used with the Oculus Rift

voxel-perlin-terrain generate voxel terrain using perlin noise

voxel-shader Ambient occlusion capable shader for ao-mesher

voxel-simplex-terrain generate voxel terrain using simplex noise

voxel-storage store voxel worlds locally with IndexedDB

webgl-demo-app webgl-demo

webgl-globe [DEPRECATED] Use node module 'globe' instead

webgl-texture3d Workaround GLSL function for using 3D textures in WebGL

webglew WebGL extension wrangler

wigglemaps WiggleMaps is a Javascript API for building dynamic and interactive maps in the web browser. By leveraging WebGL, WiggleMaps extends geographical visualizations beyond current web mapping approaches. Unlike WMS solutions, layers can be fully styled at runtime to allow rich, interactive visualizations. Through portable Shapefile and GeoJSON readers, WiggleMaps brings multiple geographic data types to the web, allowing developers flexibility when deploying geodata in their applications.

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