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dot-compiler Precompile doT.js templates.

dot-module Precompile doT.js templates and build CommonJS module.

grunt-webmake Do webmake

webant Bringing CommonJS-style requires to the browser and more.

webassemble Utilize modules-webmake to auto bundle all CommonJS/Node.js pacckages for web browser

webmake-coffee Develop CoffeeScript applications for browser with Webmake

webmake-ember-handlebars Precompiled Ember.js Handlebars templates for Webmake

webmake-handlebars Require Handlebars files with Webmake

webmake-less Require LESS files with Webmake

webmake-middleware connect and express middleware for webmake

webmake-yaml Require YAML files with Webmake

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