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broccoli-webp JPEG/PNG to WebP converter for Broccoli

connect-image-optimus Middleware for optimal image serving. Switches to webp/jpegxr if possible

cwebp node.js wrapper for cwebp

grunt-webp Convert images to WebP format.

grunt-webp-mod Convert images to WebP format.

grunt-webp-modify Convert images to WebP format.

gulp-webp Convert images to WebP

image-size get dimensions of any image file

picha image format codec and simple image processing

record-audio Audio recording using RecordRTC. RecordRTC is a client-side audio/video/gif/html recording library.

recordrtc RecordRTC is a server-less (entire client-side) JavaScript library can be used to record WebRTC audio/video media streams. It supports cross-browser audio/video recording. Current experiment: 1. Records audio/video separately as wav/webm 2. POST both fil

sharp High performance Node.js module to resize JPEG, PNG and WebP images using the libvips library

webp-bin WebP wrapper that makes it seamlessly available as a local dependency on OS X, Linux and Windows

webp-middleware Generates and delivers JPG-, PNG- and TIFF-images on the fly as WebP-images if the client supports that format

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