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bastard A webserver for static files that does things right.

bricks Bricks Application Server

cinister A tiny web framework

crafity-http Crafity's http extensions for node

crafity-webserver Generic Webserver Configuration

devon Very lightweight development webserver

dweb A debugging web server that auto-reloads pages on local modifications.

ee-webserver A simple webserver used by the ee framework

feednormalizer Normalize =========

gaudium Web Server and NodeJs Runner

gulp-connect Gulp plugin to run a webserver (with LiveReload)

headrest A restful, CORS enabled development server - for clicking around front end Javascript projects.

kickstart-ex Command line tool to create a new express web app with some default resources. Inspired by the express command line functionality, but with different settings

madeleine A functional reactive server library for Node.js that allows you to have your cake, and eat it too!

noche An apache-style-configuration web server written in node.

node-web-server Node.js Web Server

nodehost Local node.js host for node based website development.

nodeserver Nodeserver is a NodeJS Web Server with reverse proxy functionality alternative to Nginx reverse proxy for NodeJS projects

nodgine Nodgine is a NodeJS engine for simple webserver and RESTful APIs.

nokota Polyglot next generation web server

rogue Rogue Framework

skateboard stupid simple websocket stream + static server

static-cling Static file server

static-webserver A simple static file webserver.

staticserver Simple static web server for development. npm install globally to run from anywhere

swank Host static files in the current directory with one command.

systatic Static Application Server

the-conductor An API Orchestration Layer (OL)

ti A simple MVC framework for node web server.

web-server Web Server for Node.JS

webmachine Webmachine Application Server

webserver-js A simple web server

webtap TAP wrapper for testing webservers

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