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koa-wechat wechat offical account API middleware for koajs

node-wechat Node.js 微信公众平台 API

node-wechat-expression 微信内置表情代码包

node-wechax An easy node.js package for Tencent WeChat APIs.

node-weixin nodejs weixin api

webot An easy-to-use robot for web service.

webot-cli Command line interface for weixin-robot

webot-send useful for testing wechat middleware

wechat 微信公共平台Node库

wechat-api wechat official account advance API SDK. 微信高级API接口工具

wechat-bot middleware framework for creating wechat bot

wechat-mp Wechat open API utilities.

wechatjs 微信公众平台nodejs实现

weixin 微信公共平台自动回复接口服务

weixin-api 微信公众平台API

weixin-apis Weixin API For Nodejs

weixin-robot 微信公众平台开放消息接口机器人 A robot for wechat.

weixin-robot-example weixin-robot 模块示例

wx-api use rrestjs for weixin-api

wxverify The basic verify module of WEIXIN.

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