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and1 Queues your asynchronous calls in the order they were made.

bdd-wrappers BDD wrappers for jasmine and mocha describe/it to help writing tests in GIVEN WHEN THEN AND fashion

compound-signal Dispatch after multiple signals are triggered

CompoundSignal Special Signal that groups multiple Signals together and dispatches after all the group elements are dispatched.

final-fs Promised wrapper for node fs module with usefull additional set of functions.

generator-marioentte-frontend A frontend generator for building large scale single page applications using Marionette, RequireJS, Handlebars

JQDeferred jQuery deferreds source and unit tests ported verbatim to nodejs using minimal, automated, code transformation

legendary Legendary is a Promises/A+ compatible promise implementation. It combines promise subclassing with sugar inspired by when.js, Q and async.

mocha-bdd-when Allows to execute tests conditionally.

mocha-given Adds a Given-When-Then DSL to mocha as an alternative style for specs

mongoose-when jquery style .when(promise, promise) support for mongoose

pretty-monitor Readable monitor for unhandled rejections in when.js

promix Mix promises with callbacks for improved control flow

rave-when-debug Enable when.js promise monitoring

resolved a promises/a compliant `when`, but for objects instead of arrays

restler-when when wrapper for Restler

rwin Require When I Need is a Node.js module loader that loads the required module when you need it.

streamist Enables functional, promised-based interactions with Readable streams.

thenstream Construct a Readable stream from a thenable. Useful if you don't have the actual stream yet.

until-stream A PassThrough stream that stops piping when a pattern is reached

when A lightweight Promises/A+ and when() implementation, plus other async goodies.

when-all normalize an object/array where some values may be wrapped in Results

when-dynamodb A promise wrapper for the NodeJS dynamodb library

when-monitor monitors when.js's unhandled rejections and returns them through a callback

when-promisify a simple method to make node-style callback function return a promise instead. Based on when.js

whenjs A Simple 'when' function for both node and the browser

whenplus A lightweight Promise and when() implementation, plus other async goodies.

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