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gimme Simple command line utility that takes a name and shows domain and twitter availability.

namecheap Node.js library for the NameCheap API

netty net tools for node.js

node-simplewhois node.js simple Whois module ============================

node-whois A simple WHOIS client for NodeJS

shui a whois npm module

tldtools Extracts a domain into its component parts (node-url wrapper), performs domain inspection functions

whois An intelligent JavaScript WHOIS client.

whois-available whois-available returns whois information and checks whether domains are available

whois-ux node.js whois utility to retrive whois infromation Issue whois lookups for Bermuda (.bm) domain names from the command line.

whoisclient A javascript implementation of the WHOIS protocol for node.js

whoisjs A whois client for Node

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