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freebox-sdk Freebox SDK

freewifi Connection to the FreeWifi network (by the french internet and mobile provider

jc-lifx A library to control LIFX lightbulbs

joinopenwifi automatically join open and internet connect wireless networks on linux

lifx a library to control LIFX wifi lightbulbs

limitless-gem Simple NodeJS HTML5 LimitlessLED Lightbulb controller

node-wifiscanner Scan surrounding WiFi access points

osx-wifi-cli A command line tool for managing wifi connection in osx

reavetard CoffeeScript modules that provide AP rotation support and a host of data management and general usability enhancements for Reaver-WPS Cracker and its partner in crime, Wash-WPS Scanner

rgb-led An unofficial communication driver for the WiFi-CON (aka EasyBulb WiFi Box aka MiLight). Please see the repository page for more information and examples.

sparknode Interface with a spark core through the cloud api.

wifi the sdk and package manager of based on Node.js

wifi_location Find a current location by surrounding WiFi and Google Map API. A port of wifi_location( to Node.js.

windowswifi Interface for wifi on windows.

wit command-line wireless 802.11 manager for linux

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