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adwiki autodafe component for generating documentation

coffeedoc-hub An API documentation generator for CoffeeScript, for use on GitHub wiki

compendium Instant wiki from a directory of markdown files.

docpad-plugin-writingcandy DocPad plugin that adds the extra syntax

ghw Github wiki to HTML converter

git-wiki export a git repo as a markdown based html wiki

gitdoc Beautiful documentation built by repo wikis.

gitwiki Wiki module built on top of gitteh

imdone A task board and wiki in one!

jsdoc-githubify A transform that adapts html files generated with jsdoc to be rendered in a github wiki or readme.

lively-davfs Manager for versioning and reading / writing resources.

markdown-wiki A Bidirectional WikiText to Markdown converter.

mcrio-wiki-mark A minimal wiki markup language (currently for CoffeeScript only, sorry)

md-wiki Markdown based Wiki engine (with Backbone under the hood)

mdwiki Markdown Wiki Server for Local usage

melkor Simple, fast wiki powered by Node.js and Git

members-area-remote-auth Remote authentication to the members area, e.g. for Wordpress/MediaWiki.

miki Simple markdown wikki pages server

nodemw MediaWiki API client written in node.js

orangevolt-macrop A extensible macro parser/processor implementation recognizing creole style macros/extensions

platformjs-wiki a minimal, simple, file-based wiki/blog for small sites

scraperrr Web crawler configured by JSON configurations defining what data fields to scrape from the visited websites using regular expressions or DOM selectors and how to export them as JSON

sodawiki helper for using the socrata and localwiki apis to import content into a localwiki site.

tiddlywiki a non-linear personal web notebook

wat Web Site Administration Tool

weaki A simple file based wiki server that doubles as a static file server

weekee A wiki base git and markdown, power by Node.js, and can be use with connect or express

wicked Generates github wiki compatible API documentation from your project's jsdocs and adds them to your wiki.

wiki-check Checks if a wiki has an entry.

wiki-client Federated Wiki - Client-side Javascript

wiki-dict Turn a Github Wiki page into a dictionary. Inspired by

wiki-plugin-activity Federated Wiki - Activity Plug-in

wiki-plugin-bars Federated Wiki - Activity Plug-in

wiki-plugin-bytebeat Federated Wiki - Bytebeat Plug-in

wiki-plugin-calculator Federated Wiki - Calculator Plug-in

wiki-plugin-calendar Federated Wiki - Calendar Plug-in

wiki-plugin-changes Federated Wiki - Changes Plug-in

wiki-plugin-chart Federated Wiki - Chart Plug-in

wiki-plugin-code Federated Wiki - Code Plug-in

wiki-plugin-data Federated Wiki - Data Plug-in

wiki-plugin-efficiency Federated Wiki - Efficiency Plug-in

wiki-plugin-factory Federated Wiki - Factory Plug-in

wiki-plugin-favicon Federated Wiki - Favicon Plug-in

wiki-plugin-favicon-alt Federated Wiki - Alternate Favicon Plug-in

wiki-plugin-federatedwiki Federated Wiki - FederatedWiki Plug-in

wiki-plugin-force Federated Wiki - Force Plug-in

wiki-plugin-future Federated Wiki - Future Plug-in

wiki-plugin-image Federated Wiki - Image Plug-in

wiki-plugin-line Federated Wiki - Line Plug-in

wiki-plugin-linkmap Federated Wiki - Linkmap Plug-in

wiki-plugin-literate Federated Wiki - Literate Plug-in

wiki-plugin-logwatch Federated Wiki - Log Watch Plug-in

wiki-plugin-map Federated Wiki - Map Plug-in

wiki-plugin-mathjax Federated Wiki - MathJax Plug-in

wiki-plugin-metabolism Federated Wiki - Metabolism Plug-in

wiki-plugin-method Federated Wiki - Method Plug-in

wiki-plugin-pagefold Federated Wiki - Pagefold Plug-in

wiki-plugin-paragraph Federated Wiki - Paragraph Plug-in

wiki-plugin-parse Federated Wiki - Parse Plug-in

wiki-plugin-pushpin Federated Wiki - Push Pin Plug-in

wiki-plugin-radar Federated Wiki - Radar Plug-in

wiki-plugin-reduce Federated Wiki - Reduce Plug-in

wiki-plugin-reference Federated Wiki - Reference Plug-in

wiki-plugin-report Federated Wiki - Report Plug-in

wiki-plugin-rollup Federated Wiki - Rollup Plug-in

wiki-plugin-scatter Federated Wiki - Scatter Plug-in

wiki-plugin-twadio Federated Wiki - Twadio Plug-in

wiki-plugin-txtzyme Federated Wiki - Txtzyme Plug-in

wiki-registry Github wiki-driven registry scraper

wikijs Wikipedia interface for node

wikimd A wiki written in JavaScript for Node.js, using markdown as its markup language, flat-files for storage, with optional git integration.

wikipedia-js A simple client to query wikipedia

wikisherpa node.js library that makes the interaction with wikisherpa api v1 easy

wiky A Bidirectional WikiText Markup Converter.

wiky.js Wiki text parser

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