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jira-cli Command line interface for Jira

slash Convert Windows backslash paths to slash paths

solitairewin You win!

win Create WIN projects, run locally, or publish them to the web.

win-backbone The control backbone for WIN, handles message passing between modules in an experiment. Allows for somewhat generic module swapping

win-gen Create artifacts using JSON schema for use in win.

win-nsga Create and manage an evolutionary algorithm that runs the NSGA-II multiobjective search algorithm (bit redundant). This is a WIN module.

win-save Save/Load of schema on server side of winjs

win-schema WIN module that handles all things schema related! Schema validation, schema loading, schema remote loads, etc etc etc

winbot A bot to retweet everything on Twitter that says 'RT to win'

windows-cpu CPU monitoring utilities for Node.js apps on Windows.

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