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apx-winston Winston Logger initializer for APX API server

bunyan-winston-adapter Allows to use winston logger in restify server without really using bunyan.

cabrel-winston-graylog2 A graylog2 transport for winston

cabrel-winston-redis A fixed-length Redis transport for winston

captains-log Simple wrapper around Winston to allow for declarative configuaration

cliff Your CLI formatting friend.

co-logger Winston based logger for CompoundJS

connect-winston winston logging for connect applications

docpad-plugin-winston DocPad plugin that replaces the default logger with Winston

express-winston express.js middleware for flatiron/winston

flare-mongodb A MongoDB transport for Flare.

generator-ultimate ULTIMATE Yeoman generator for ultimate-seed - full-stack AngularJS + Node.js/Express seed that makes web developers insanely productive.

grunt-winston Setup a Winston logger for grunt runtime.

kamituel-logger winston-based logger with handy defaults

leo-winston Hierarchical winston loggers

lincoln Presidential logging. Fancy loggers for winston.

log-colors A colorized winston console logger

loggly-console-logger Winston-based logger that outputs to the console and loggly if the loggly input token is set in the nconf object

logsmith Simple logging wrapper around winston.

medusa A Redis transport and Log server for winston

mock-logger Supress all log messages for use in testing

mono-winston-package Winston support package/bundle for MonoStack

node-logentries A winston-compatible wrapper library for the service

rolling-file-transport A rolling file transport for the winston logger that supports daily rolling log files

scarlet-winston Scarlet plugin for using Winston with method and property event interception

symfio-contrib-winston Winston plugin for Symfio.

vlogger A special winston logger

vwebsocket A winston transport using websocket

winston-airbrake An airbrake transport for winston, inspired by the winston-graylog2 transport, powered by node-airbrake.

winston-amazon-ses A mail transport for winston using Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)

winston-amqp An AMQP transport for winston

winston-axon A message oriented transport for Winston based on axon

winston-cassandra Cassandra transport for winston

winston-chill A configuration manager for winston

winston-config A helper to easily configure winston

winston-couchdb A CouchDB transport for Winston

winston-cube Cube transport for winston

winston-dynamodb A Winston transport for Amazon DynamoDB

winston-elasticsearch An Elasticsearch transport for winston

winston-email An email transport for winston

winston-express Express middleware to let you use winston from the browser.

winston-filerotatedate File transport for winston that rotates files in a logical date dependent way

winston-fluent A fluent transport for winston

winston-google-spreadsheet Log data into your Google Spreadsheet with [winston][0] logger modules.

winston-graylog2 A graylog2 transport for winston

winston-graylogger Winston graylog2 transport

winston-growl A growl transport for winston

winston-hbase A HBase transport for winston

winston-hipchat A Hipchat transport for winston

winston-irc an IRC transport for Winston

winston-logstash-file File transport in Logstash JSON event format

winston-mail A mail transport for winston

winston-mail2 A mail transport for winston

winston-mailer Winston transport based on mailer. It buffers errors, and packs them in one email if necessary.

winston-memory A Memory transport for winston

winston-mixlib-log A clone of ruby's mixlib-log for winston

winston-mongodb A MongoDB transport for winston

winston-mysql-transport A Mysql Transport for winston (

winston-mysqlm A Mysql transport for winston

winston-nodemail A mail transport for winston

winston-nodemailer An email transport layer for winston

winston-notification-center A Mac OS X Notification Center transport for winston

winston-packed-zmq A 0MQ + msgpack2 transport for winston

winston-papertrail A Papertrail transport for winston

winston-pinkman Pinkman's version of winston, bitch!

winston-primus A generic websocket transport for winston based on primus

winston-pushover A transport for Winston that uses the Pushover notification service.

winston-raven Raven transport for the winston logger.

winston-ravendb A RavenDb transport implementation for winston

winston-redis A fixed-length Redis transport for winston

winston-request-logger Winston based http request logger for express.

winston-riak A Riak transport for winston

winston-riemann-transport A riemann transport for winston

winston-rollbar A Rollbar transport for winston

winston-s3 S3 transport for Winston

winston-scribe A scribe transport for winston

winston-sentry Sentry transport for the winston logger.

winston-sherlock A sherlock transport for winston.

winston-simpledb A Winston transport for Amazon SimpleDB

winston-skywriter A Windows Azure table storage transport for winston

winston-slack winston-slack

winston-sns A Simple Notification System Transport for winston (

winston-sns-iam An SNS transport that works with or without explicitly passed AWS credentials. If no credentials provided, the EC2 metadata service is called to obtain temporary IAM role-based credentials

winston-socket A socket transport for winston

winston-socket-server Winston transport writing log entries to all the clients connected on UNIX socket

winston-splnkstrm splunkstorm transport for winston

winston-splunk A Splunk transport for winston

winston-splunkstorm Winston transport for splunkstorm

winston-spy Test winston logging with spies

winston-sqs An Amazon Simple Queue Service Transport for winston (

winston-statsd generates `statsd` from winston logs — extremely tailored to nodejitsu internal needs, use accordingly

winston-stderr Winston transport to log everything to stderr

winston-stream Wrap a Winston logger in a stream interface

winston-syslog A syslog transport for winston

winston-syslog-ain2 An ain2 based syslog transport for winston

winston-syslog-native winston transport for syslog using native logging functions via node-syslog

winston-syslogudp A UDP only syslog transport for winston

winston-tagged-request-logger Pipes events from request.js to a TaggedLogger

winston-waterline Winston transport for Waterline ORM

winston-windows _non-C++_ based event logging utility with your Windows code.

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