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wintersmith-asis Content plugin for Wintersmith to include files asis

wintersmith-browserify Browserify plugin for Wintersmith

wintersmith-component component plugin for wintersmith

wintersmith-data-json Wintersmith plugin to render data.json as is

wintersmith-gherkin A wintersmith gherkin plugin that parses feature files.

wintersmith-handlebars handlebars plugin for wintersmith

wintersmith-jade A jade (as content) plugin for wintersmith

wintersmith-jsbundler CommonJS browser bundler for wintersmith

wintersmith-less less plugin for wintersmith

wintersmith-liquid Wintersmith template plugin for Liquid templates

wintersmith-livereload LiveReload plugin for Wintersmith

wintersmith-ls livescript plugin for wintersmith

wintersmith-nap Minimalistic plugin to connect wintersmith with nap

wintersmith-node-sass A wintersmith plugin that compiles scss to css.

wintersmith-nunjucks Nunjucks templates for Wintersmith

wintersmith-nunjucks-content Nunjucks Content Plugin for Wintersmith

wintersmith-pngquant pngqaunt plugin for wintersmith

wintersmith-redirect Wintersmith plugin that provides url redirections where headers cannot be modified

wintersmith-stylus stylus plugin for wintersmith

wintersmith-swig swig plugin for witnersmith

wintersmith-tag A wintersmith plugin to create tags.

wintersmith-yaml A YAML plugin for Wintersmith

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