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alphahax Fun little hack for Javascript for generating alphabet letters

asposecloud Aspose Cloud SDK for NodeJS

assemble-contrib-navigation Assemble plugin to automatically generate Bootstrap-style, multi-level side navigation. See the sidenav on for a demonstration.

assemble-contrib-wordcount Assemble plugin for displaying wordcount and average reading time on blog posts or pages.

bad-words A javascript filter for bad words

badwords A highly consumable list of bad (profanity) english words

boggle Boggle grid solver

censorify Censors words out of text

common-words Updated list (JSON) of the 100 most common words in the English language. Useful for excluding these words from arrays.

flavored-wc wc command ported to Node.js with additional features

flavored-wc-native wc command ported to Node.js with additional features

hbloom Hirachical bloom classifier

in-words Convert numbers to words

line-info Gather information about a line based on content and cursor position

module-name soemmdesc

mw-dictionary Simple wrapper for the Merriam-Webster dictionary API found at

node-bbsub Corpus linguistics on BBC programmes' subtitles

numbered Turns a number into word based equivalent, and can parse it back again A website/webservice for displaying wikipedia word translations

profanity-filter A node.js utility for masking words or phrases in strings that aren't allowed.

random-curse-words Generate one or more common curse English words

random-word Returns a random English word

random-word-generator Generate random, but pronouncable words

random-words Generate one or more common English words

secure-randword Generate random words using a CSPRNG

stream-tokenizr parse and tokenize binary streams with a simple fluent, streaming api

underscore.string.words underscore.string.words the right way

uwords Get words from text by grouping together characters from Unicode letter groups (Lu, Ll, Lt, Lm, Lo).

wid Generate random word concatenations to match a specific length. Sub <1ms creation time.

word-list List of English words

word-stream Returns a stream of English words

word-wrap Wrap words.

worddiff Counts the number of unordered word diffrences in two strings

wordmatch Counts the number of unordered word matches in two strings

wordo A collection of words, broken down by classification

words Word Generator provides hints while playing games like Letterpress, Words with Friends, and Scrabble.

wordsworth Spell-checker / spelling correcter module.

wordy Converts numbers into their english variants and back

wtn Javascript/Node.js module to convert words to number

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