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backgrounder yet another library for spawning multiple independent background workers as well as multiple pool of workers, v0.5 fork API to communicate with them; the library also supports callback between processes

barbeque Redis-based task queue library for Node.js, inspired by Celery and Kue.

browserstack-workers A library for creating workers on BrowserStack and retrieving results

ch A simple approach to handling resource concurrency limits within a single system thread.

child-balancer Simple NodeJS child process balancer

cloudq-worker Base Worker Module for Cloudq

cloudqw-expired A cloudq worker that deleted expired jobs on cloudq

cloudqw-pass A Generic CloudQ worker that receives a request and passes it to another api.

cluster-bomb a node.js cluster management and monitoring system for explosive results

cluster-master-ext A module for taking advantage of the built-in `cluster` module in node v0.8+, enables rolling worker restarts, resizing, repl, events, configurable timeouts, debug method. Extended version of cluster-master

couchdb-worker CouchDB worker module that manages state

couchmagick Run ImageMagicks `convert` on CouchDB documents.

cowork job queue backed by AWS

crane Diligent work queue for Node.js.

crane-amqp AMQP adapter for Crane.

cutie Dangerously attractive queues for Redis or MongoDB.

daida Multi-strategy task scheduler library.

doevery extends setInterval, create more powerful task management with custom interval

DynWorker Web threading made easy - Ender shortcut

easy-worker 方便使用的Worker封装

farmhand An abstration over child_process that makes it easy to run a function in the background, get its progress, result and cancel if necessary

fibers Cooperative multi-tasking for Javascript

firebase-work Firebase work-queue system

fivebeans beanstalkd client & worker daemon for node.

flowqueues Node.js queuing system using capacity constraints

forerunner forerunner is a distributed job queue framework

forkraft a helper library for cluster api

gearman Client library for Gearman

gearman2 Client library for Gearman

gearmanode Node.js library for the Gearman distributed job system with support for multiple servers

gearnode Gearman client/worker module for Node.JS

grewpy A simple flow control library for node.js for executing multiple functions as a group, a chain, or distributed over a number of workers. Each will call back when all functions have finished.

iron-payload-parser A utility to help parse the payload given to an worker. Options to enable the user to specify required and optional variables.

iron-promise Promise/A+ supported IronMQ API client library for Node.js (wrapper for the official client)

ironio-worker-data-reader Read config or payload files in an worker

katar-worker-http HTTP Server for interacting with polling katar workers

kickq Kick jobs out the door. Quickly. A job queue for node

kickq-vitals Monitors the vitals of the Kickq Queueing System

kue Feature rich priority job queue backed by redis

kue-mod Feature rich priority job queue backed by redis (with unique job support)

kue-sweeper a simple nodejs service to avoid memory leaking when use kue to process millions of jobs by removing kue job immediately upon its completion

legion "I am Legion, for we are many." Raise a legion of Node worker processes to do your bidding.

libworker Thin layer over WebWorkers

liferecorder-worker A couchdb-worker to upload from a liferecorder to couchdb

malory web worker manager

minionpool A simple task-consumer pool for nodejs

mixture Heterogeneous cluster task manager

momo Cronjob with web hooks.

mongoose-querystream-worker Execute an async function per document in a streamed query, pausing the stream when a concurrency limit is saturated

msghub A simple communication layer for inter-process communcation between mulitple worker processes

mutual Scala-inspired Actors that use Redis as a message transport

mysql_minionpool A mysql minionpool, suitable to work on rows

nicegen nice function support for LiteScript. see:

node-gearman Simple Gearman client/worker module for Node.JS

node-gearman-ms Simple Gearman client/worker module for Node.JS with connections to multiple job server

node-hashtable This is a simple hashtable, all written in node, to help you access and store your data over multiple workers or modules. It will provide the abstraction to access it through workers (cluster).

node-pm A better worker process manager

node-resque an opinionated implementation of resque in node

node-taskman node-taskman is a node.js implementation of taskman worker. Taskman is a worker system that can be piloted directly in redis.

nodetron A peer-to-peer, nearly-server-less, rich-client web app library using WebRTC.

nschedule Task scheduler with concurrency limits.

outside Expose the dedicated worker api as a duplex stream for use inside the worker.

p-throttler A promise based throttler capable of limiting execution of parallel tasks

parallel-es6 Complement for wait.for-es6: Sequential programming for node.js -and the browser-. End of callback hell - Original Wait.for, implemented using upcoming javascript/ES6-Harmony generators

pluribus Cluster manager

process-done Convenient done handler that exits a process properly. Use with worker processes like for @

queshot a simple resque-like worker queue based on couchdb

rabbitmq_minionpool A RabbitMQ minionpool

redis-paired-worker A job worker solution that is robust, concurrent and highly available for Node.js using redis.

resque resque (a redis-backed work queue) for node

seafish-kue Forked from Kue, replace JSON with meteor EJSON

slapback Fork a worker that will echo back all inter-process communication it recieves from the master process, allowing you to perform validation.

stevejobs Simplistic in-memory job/worker manager with rate limiting and custom worker counts

stevejobs-server A remote server instance hosting a single instance in-memory SteveJobs worker/job/task/queue process

stream-reader read the next object off a readable object stream and work on it. Domain safe and battle tested.

stream-worker Execute an async function per stream data event, pausing the stream when a concurrency limit is saturated

strider-runner-core Just run those jobs. Decoupled from load balancing, joq queues, etc.

task-queue-worker A powerful tool for background processing of tasks that are run by making standard http requests.

taskco Distributed task queue for node.js

thelinuxlich-fibers Cooperative multi-tasking for Javascript

threadful Common 'Thread' behavior for Browsers (using Web Workers) or Node (using Child Process).

tiny-jsonrpc-postmessage JSON-RPC 2.0 client and server that communicate via postMessage

toolbelt A set of sexy little helper, to make the daily work with nodeJS a bit easier.

uupaa.webworker.js WebWorkers wrapper.

various-cluster easily create a mulit-cluster environment with different worker-types

wait.for Sequential programming for node.js, end of callback hell

wait.for-es6 Sequential programming for node.js -and the browser-. End of callback hell - Original Wait.for, implemented using upcoming javascript/ES6-Harmony generators

webworkify launch a web worker that can require() in the browser with browserify

workaholic workaholic

worker-convert CouchDB Worker which converts images using imagemagick.

worker-farm Distribute processing tasks to child processes with an über-simple API and baked-in durability & custom concurrency options.

worker-fetch-tweets CouchDB worker which fetches tweets and store them in a CouchDB.

worker-forker Simplifies forking of worker processes and distributing tasks between them.

worker-generate-previews CouchDB worker which generates preview images from pdfs.

worker-generate-stills CouchDB worker which generates stills from videos.

worker-generate-thumbnails CouchDB Worker which generates image thumbnails.

worker-manager Have long running tasks that you want to perform without blocking your main process?

worker-pool An implementation of the web worker API with a worker pool support.

workerify Transform web workers into browserified inline Blobs with browserify.

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