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alfred-workflow Alfred Workflow using NodeJS

aspax The simple Node.js asset packager.

aspax-express Module enabling Express.js to handle assets built and packaged by ASPAX.

ato just simple front end workflow solution

aws-sdk AWS SDK for JavaScript

aws-swf A Node.js library for accessing Amazon SWF

aws-swf-toolkit A Node.js Framework for workflows on Amazon SWF

axeman simplified git workflow

basic-pipeline A basic pipeline module for node

basic-workflow-example Basic Alfred Workflow in NodeJS example.

bpmn BPMN 2.0 execution engine

chain-commander Chain commander is a library based on Bluebird promise library, to encapsulate business rules logic in form of javascript objects or JSON.

cloudd node based job execution engine

configly Provides an easy way to set up environmental configuration

configurate Set up workflow to load existing or default config, allow user to edit it and then serializes it to disk. Zero-code JSON config-based dataflow engine for Node, PhoneGap and browser.

durable A lightweight library for real-time, consistent and scalable coordination of events.

easy-swf Easier way of using AWS Simple Workflow

evented-workflow Clean approach to avoid deep callback nesting using Node's EventEmitter.

flinch Multitask with cat-like reflexes

freakset A Workflow module that supports steps, groups, guards, rescues, parallel execution, events and dynamic stack modifications.

generator-f2e Yeoman generator for f2e-workflow

generator-footguard Yeoman generator for single page application

generator-nmg Yeoman generator for nmg-workflow

generator-school-report Yeoman generator for writing school reports (printable and web). Supports MathJax. Uses Coffee, SaSS / ScSS, Compass, Bourbon.

generator-stacked A Backbone.js Require.js test driven workflow.

greenqloud-awssum NodeJS modules for talking to Greenqloud

grunt-pages Grunt task to create pages using markdown and templates

grunt-workflow 一个跨平台的(Mac&Win)、优雅的、高效的、可定制的前端重构工作流程

jsworkflow It is a workflow engine write by javascript. Support both node and client side.

machina A library for creating powerful and flexible finite state machines. Loosely inspired by Erlang/OTP's gen_fsm behavior.

machina.postal A plugin for machina.js that auto-wires finite state machines into the postal.js local message bus.

miniboilerplate Looking to create a jQuery plugin in CoffeeScript using Test-driven development? If so, MiniBoilerplate is what you've been looking for.

modjs JavaScript Workflow Tooling For Web

mojito-alter-mojit Utility mojit for mojito to control the execution workflow of a mojit, executing an alternative mojit instance when an error occur.

node-etoile Workflow framework for node

node-oozie Node.js module used as a client to send rest requests to oozie server

noflo Flow-Based Programming environment for JavaScript

object-emitter EventEmitter with some useful additional functionality.

outflow Logic workflows with validations

persistent-task-status A node.js module, utilizing mongoose, that allows you to persist hierarchical task information for potentially long running, faulty tasks.

pipeline.js Pipeline.js - async workflow framework for node.js

polyflow A flow-based programming framework

process-engine Javascript Process Engine

recap creates responsive screenshots using phantomjs

seneca-workflow workflow plugin for seneca

simple-pipeline Simple-Pipeline is a node module for defining and executing a simple sequential workflow while maintaining and passing a context along from operation to operation.

sonic workflow engine

startupkit the startup portal connecting people and workflows

teamsnippets Teamsnippet Commandline Tool

terrain depend to grow node modules on

turbine.js Turbine.js is an event-driven JavaScript Workflow Engine.

urequire Convert AMD & commonjs modules to UMD, AMD, commonjs or `combined.js` (rjs & almond) & run/test on nodejs, Web/AMD or Web/Script. Manipulate & inject module code & dependencies while building & more

wis workflow intergrated solutions

workflow.js Zero-code workflows engine for Node, PhoneGap and browser.

worky workflow engine

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