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alf-module-example this is a test

country-slice An array of country data exposed that can be mapped or filtered

gridworld 2D gridworld representation and canvas renderer, intended for experimentation with various game algorithms.

grunt-helloworld prints hello world like a boss

hello_test_alucard A hello world package

hello_test_chen a hello world test package

hello_test_donald package.json for TestPackage

hello_test_gilbertsun a hello world test

hello_test_guangpeng A hello world package

hello_test_jackson A hello world package

hello_test_jackson323 A hello world package

hello_test_jaskson A hello world package

hello_test_kmbaby a hello world package

hello_test_lc A hello test package

hello_test_ltzmaxwell a hello world package

hello_test_nick a hello world package

hello_test_xbird a hello word package

hello_test_yofine A hello world package

hello_text_kmbaby a hello world package

hello_text_yww A Hello World package

hello-manshou a hello world module from manshou.

hello-world-server Super simple node.js server which listens on process.env["PORT"] and responds to all requests with "hello world\n"

joshhelloworld helloworld josh

langmap List of all the known languages in their English and Native name with locales

lw_http hello world

lw_webblog hello world

my_node_test hello world

test_package_jason A hello world package

voxel-backup Connect to a voxel-server and store the world chunks in level db

weatherapi A module to retrieve information about weather from

wotcs-api-system Base system used to build WoTcs clans and players API

zhs2008810077 A hello world package

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