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autofile Automatically files tv shows in the correct format for XBMC

kbev Send keypress events to XBMC over the Event Sever API (UDP)

mtl Utility for filing TV shows into a sorted library based on metadata from filenames

node-xbmc A XBMC RPC client for node.js

node-xbmc-rpc Node interface for XBMC using JSON-RPC

xbmc XBMC api

xbmc-event-client XBMC EventServer API Client using UDP sockets

xbmc-remote-keyboard Send local keyboard presses to a remote XBMC through JSON RPC api

xbmc-ws A wrapper for the xbmc jsonrpc interface

xbmc-xbox-controller Control XBMC using an original Xbox controller

xbox-hid-controller Original Xbox Controller API using node-hid HID device

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