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ableton-live-locators A way to extract the stuff you've typed into live: Notes, info text, the names of markers, etc.

angular-xml XML module for AngularJS.

artist Template engine for node.js built on fest

asyncxml async xml builder and generator

atom-writer To generate ATOM feeds quickly

axemule Javascript DSL for writing XML or HTML structures

basex A BaseX (XML database) client library

better-require require('better-require')('json yaml') lets you load JSON and YAML files using require syntax. For example: var config = require('./config.json'); Extensions available are: json, yaml.

boomtjes XML Tree manipulation

brauhaus-beerxml A BeerXML import and export plugin for Brauhaus.js

ccxmleventemitter CurrentCost Base Station XML NodeJS EventEmitter

charset Get the content charset from header and html content-type.

co-feedparser co wrapper for feedparser package.

connect-acceptoverride Override `Accept` header if URL ends with .json or .xml

convert-json auto detect file type and convert it to json format

converter Convert between XML, JSON and YAML, from one format to another.

cssax Event-based CSS querying of HTML streams.

data-convert Convert between XML, JSON and YAML, from one format to another.

data-media-type A Node.js module for finding IANA registered names for common data types.

data2xml A data to XML converter with a nice interface (for NodeJS).

digger-bundle A full featured digger-container with find, XML, contracts and radio

digger-xml The XML parser for digger container data

docpad-plugin-feedr Adds support for reading feeds to DocPad

dombie simple dom for xml/html

domparser this is an alias of xmldom, please use xmldom instead

dompteur play with the Document Object Model (DOM) tree

downsize Tag-safe truncation for HTML and XML. Works by word!

dryml DRYML for Node

easyrss Easy RSS feed parsing using libxmljs

easysax pure javascript xml parser

easyxml A configurable object to XML converter

elementtree XML Serialization and Parsing module based on Python's ElementTree.

elementtree-raw A slightly modified version of the XML Serialization and Parsing module based on Python's ElementTree.

elxml minimalistic excel ooxml export

emsoap SOAP client.

emxml2js Simple XML to JavaScript object converter.

entities Encode & decode XML/HTML entities with ease

exemel A normalised way of parsing XML, supporting old IEs.

exml An event based XML parsing library using SAX under the hood for speed and efficiency.

express-xml-bodyparser Simple XML body parser connect/express middleware

express-xml-domparser Express middleware to read in the body of an XML http request into a DOM

faketoe XML to JSON converter

fast-feed Node.JS module for parsing newsfeeds (RSS 2 and Atom). It should be one of the fastest feed parsers. Uses [RapidXML](

feed Feed is a RSS and Atom feed generator for Node.js, making content syndication simple, intuitive and performant!

feedparser Robust RSS Atom and RDF feed parsing using sax js

feedparser-stream A streaming API (Polling) built on top of feedparser

feedr Feedr takes in a remote feed (regardless of format type) and converts it into JSON data

fest JavaScript Templates

fest-next JavaScript Templates

flat-xmldom A W3C Standard XML DOM(Level2 CORE) implementation and parser(DOMParser/XMLSerializer).

foam A simple soap client

formattor node npm formatter pretty-print css, xml, sql, json

gbxremote A pure JavaScript GBXRemote client.

gchempaint2json convert gchempaint files to a JSON representation

gdsn GDSN utility library for Node.js

genx Evented XML generation using the Genx C library

geojson-mapnikify transform geojson with simplestyle-spec into mapnik xml

gexf Gexf library for JavaScript.

gexode Primitive XML generator for node.js

google-dsc API wrapper for Google Domain Shared Contacts [incomplete]

gpx2js A simple package for converting GPX files to JSON

grunt-bump-wmappmanifest Grunt Task to read a WMAppManifest.xml file and bump its version

grunt-convert Convert between XML, JSON and YAML, from one format to another.

grunt-crossdomain-xml Grunt plugin which generates a crossdomain.xml file

grunt-raggedast Adjust the text rag of your documents for better readability.

grunt-xmlmin Minify XML

grunt-xmlpoke Updates values in XML files based on XPath queries

grunt-xsltproc Apply XSLT stylesheets to XML documents.

gulp-sitemap Generate a search engine friendly sitemap.xml using a Gulp stream

gulp-xml-editor A gulp plugin to edit XML document (libxmljs wrapper)

gulp-xml2js Convert xml files to js with gulp (

gulp-xml2json xml to json using gulp

halfstreamxml converts a stream of XML to a stream of objects

handlebars-helper-feed Handlebars helper for generating entries for RSS or atom feeds.

htgen Simple but featured hypertext markup code generator

html-parser HTML/XML parser with less explosions

htmlparser Forgiving HTML/XML/RSS Parser in JS for *both* Node and Browsers

htmlparser-papandreou Forgiving HTML/XML/RSS Parser in JS for *both* Node and Browsers

htmlparser2 Fast & forgiving HTML/XML/RSS parser

htmltree simple tree data structure for html source

interpret A dictionary of file extensions and associated module loaders.

inwx INWX XML-RPC API Client

ireviews iTunes store customer reviews fetcher.

itunes-library-stream Streaming parser for the contents of iTunes Library XML files

javelin Javascript API View Expression Language

jaydata-genx Evented XML generation using the Genx C library

jinjs A templating language in the Jinja(python)/Twig(php) family for Javascript. It's objective is to compile document templates into Javascript functions Comes with a CLI tool to use it on static documents and not only for the web. Is also made in tandem with Pwilang, which can then be (optionally) used to make HaML-like templates.

jquery-xml2json jQuery plugin to convert XML to JSON.

js.utils General JavaScript Utilities

js2xml Convert arbitary javascript to simple XML. Developed for ApiAxle.

js2xmlparser Parses JavaScript objects into XML

js2xmlparser2 Parses JavaScript objects into XML. This is a fork of the original js2xmlparser, with some additional features

js2yml A javascript to yml (yandex xml for yandex-market) converter

json-cli convert multipule file format to json.

jsonix Jsonix (JSON interfaces for XML) is a JavaScript library which allows converting between XML and JSON structures.

jsonml JsonML library

jsxml javascript utilities for working xml, mainly in jsonml in array form

jtd-xml-to-json Takes XML output from JS Test Driver and convert it into JSON

junit-xml-parser a simple parser for junit xml files

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