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karma-xml-reporter A Karma plugin. Report results in DanTup's xml format.

krawler Fast and lightweight web crawler with built-in cheerio, xml and json parser.

libxml-to-js XML to JavaScript object parser based on libxmljs

libxmlext Extensions to libxmljs to add CSS XPath selectors

linotype A template driven asynchronous CMS for Node.js

ltxb Less-Than XML builder templates for Node.js.

magento Magento SOAP API wrapper for Node.js

magentojs A Magento's connector for Node.js applications Credits to <a href=''>Alan Kay</a>

majax majaX stands for micro asynchronous javascript and X (X stands for XML, JSON, CSV, Plaintext, ...)

manger cache feeds

minnahtml An async aware HTML object library primarily aimed at Node.js users

mldb MarkLogic V6 REST API Driver for Node.js

mljs MarkLogic V6+7 REST API Driver for Node.js. Replaces MLDB. NodeJS Reader of the XML API

moddle A library for importing meta-model based file formats into JS

moddle-xml XML import/export for documents described with moddle

ncname Regular expression for matching XML NCName

nice-xml XML to JS native objects bidirectional converver

nice-xpath XPath 2 implementation

nice-xslt XSLT 2.0 implementation

nml XML <=> JSON

node-decorate A proxy server to decorate a html/xml document with jQuery.

node-expat NodeJS binding for fast XML parsing.

node-expat-meteor Meteor binding for fast XML parsing.

node-jsxml an XML parser for javascript and node.js

node-resourcer This module attempts to ease the loading and parsing of resource files into the application. It'll load automatically any file of a known format into a hash. That hash will be structured accordingly to the folder structure.

node-sizzle Sizzle powered selectors for libxmljs

node-smt A wrapper for the SMT League Wide Scores XML Feed

node-xlsx Node.js excel parser & builder

node-xml-lite Pure javascript XML ANSI/Unicode SAX parser for Node.js

node-xml2json xml to json for Node.js

noflo-lemox NoFlo components for stream parsing xml

noflo-xml XML components for the NoFlo flow-based programming environment

note Encode your data without syntax.

nquery Sizzle powered selectors for libxmljs

nuget-feedparser Robust RSS, Atom, and RDF feed parsing using sax js + NuGet Feeds

nuvem MarkLogic Driver for Node.js

nxmlpp Simple xml pretty printer based on 'sax' sax parser

object-to-xml Convert any object to XML

omljs Template engine built on top of the Oli language

opds-parser OPDS catalog feed parser for node

opml-to-json convert opml to json.

opmlparser OPML parsing using sax js

ortoo-feedparser Robust RSS Atom and RDF feed parsing using sax js

osm2json Converts an OSM XML file to JSON objects as a transform stream

pantry A JSON/XML resource caching library based on Request

parserproxy A JSON-over-HTTP proxy for node-feedparser and node-opmlparser

pastiche Asynchronous templating for CoffeeScript.

pickup transform RSS or Atom XML to JSON

pinxport Pinboard and Delicious command-line export script

plist Mac OS X Plist parser/builder for NodeJS. Convert a Plist file or string into a native JS object and native JS object into a Plist file.

plist-ex Mac OS X Plist parser/builder for NodeJS. Convert a Plist file or string into a native JS object and native JS object into a Plist file.

plist-native Node.js native plist parser & builder

plist-parser A XML Property List (.plist) parser in JavaScript

plist-with-patches Clone of plist, but with pull requests applied.

plistlib Plist parser and writer.

pretty-data plugin to pretty-print or minify XML, JSON, CSS and SQL files

prettydiff File comparison tool to accurately diff between file versions regardless of comments or minification to the whitespace. It can also beautify (pretty print) and minify HTML.

prince Node API for executing PrinceXML via prince(1) CLI

pwilang Compiler for an alternative syntax to HTML. Best used with JinJS for template processing or just to write documents.

pyx.js Javascript XML to pyx format conversor

rechoir Require any supported file as a node module.

register A CGI-like router that maps URLs to JavaScript layed out on a file system.

requester swiss army knife for requests

require-xml require('require-xml') lets you load XML files using require syntax. For example: var config = require('./config.xml');

respond-to Responds to requests in the desired format, the DRY way (based on Rails).

rss2json Node.js module to parse RSS Feed

rssparser rssparser is an all purpose RSS/ATOM feed parser that parses feeds into a JSON format.

sails-magento Magento adapter for Sails / Magento

salve Salve is a Javascript library which implements a validator able to validate an XML document on the basis of a subset of RelaxNG.

sax-bastard Easy-peasy XML parsing built on sax-js.

sax-stream Transform stream implemented using SAX parser

saxpath XPath expression evaluator against a XML-SAX stream

saxtract A simple SAX + XPATH type parser for converting XML to JS objects

selax through stream XML strings into XML nodes matched with CSS3 selectors

simple-basex Simple BaseX client

simple-plist A wrapper utility for interacting with plist data.

simple-xml A naive XML parser and builder based on libxmljs

simple-xml-writer Tiny and simple XML writer util for NodeJS

simpleconvert-xml Convert to and from xml to javascript object

simplejs2xml Simple JavaScript to XML serializer

simplexml Simple and easy json to xml converter

slimdom Fast, tiny DOM implementation in pure JS

sparkxml Parse XML according to the "Spark" convention (

spas-xml Default XML wrapper for spas

stablexml A Node.js XML parser that maintains the order of XML nodes

stencil Asynchronous HTML5 and XML templates for Node.js and the browser.

strxml create xml with functions and strings

svgutils Svg Utils for pasing SVGFile and manipulate Matrix object like Snap.svg

svn-log-parser Parses SVN logs as into relevant JSON.

tagstream streamOfXmlText.pipe(tagstream()).pipe(streamOfXmlEvents)

template-tal XML Lightweight Template Attribute Language implementation for Javascript

tensor-xmldom Tensor's fork of a xmldom library by jindw - a W3C Standard XML DOM(Level2 CORE) implementation and parser(DOMParser/XMLSerializer).

test-model-reporter Create a pure JavaScript object model based on JUnit methodology

ti-quicknode A jQuery-like XML Node wrapper for traversing XML documents in Titanium Mobile

to load/convert between xml,json,yaml formats

toxml Simple object to XML converter

tralics A latex to javascript json translator

tvdb A wrapper for thetvdb.coms XML API

validate-type Simple is<Type> and assert<Type> predicates

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