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validate-type Simple is<Type> and assert<Type> predicates

wbxml Javascript encoder/decoder for WAP Binary XML Content Format. See for spec.

wddx Web Distributed Data eXchange

webkool open-source platform to develop client and/or server web application and API.

websquare-min Minify WebSquare XML

wed Wed is a schema-aware editor for XML documents.

wintersmith-xmlb xmlb template plugin for Wintersmith

wsdl Work with WSDL! Yay!

x2js-cli Convert an XML input to a JSON output, using xml2js

xamel Fast and cozy way to extract data from XML.

xjs A templating language for node.js using xml and javascript

xm-el Simple xml creation using d3.js-inspired syntax

xml Fast and simple xml generator. Supports attributes, CDATA, etc. Includes tests and examples.

xml-c14n XML canonicalisation

xml-char-classes Regular expressions for matching against the XML Character Classes

xml-crypto Xml digital signature and encryption library for Node.js

xml-dsig XML digital signatures

xml-encryption [![Build Status](](

xml-entities Stupidly simple XML 1.0 entity encoder/decoder

xml-escape Escape XML

xml-literals Portable XML literal support for Javascript

xml-mapping provide a bidirectionnal mapping between XML and JS data Structure (aka JSON)

xml-markup XML generator inspired by Ruby's XmlMarkup.

xml-nodes Streaming XML node splitter

xml-object Direct object to XML serialization

xml-parser the little xml parser that could

xml-simple Simple XML Parsing based on xml2js

xml-splitter Provide an easy way to split or extract some nodes of very big XML files

xml-stream XML stream to JavaScript object converter based on Expat.

xml-to-json parse xml to json

xml-transformer Simple transformer form XML files.

xml-writer Native and full Javascript implementation of the classic XMLWriter class

xml.jsx XML implementation in JSX

xml2jade xml to jade converter

xml2js Simple XML to JavaScript object converter.

xml2js-expat Simple XML to JavaScript object converter that uses Expat, a fast XML parser.

xml2json-command Convert an XML input to a JSON output, using xml-mapping

xml2jsonml Converts XML to JsonML.

xml2orm Read database schema XML file and build ORM model available for Node.js

xml2tss Alloy View XML to tss generator

xmlb XML builder templates for Node.js.

xmlbuilder An XML builder for node.js

xmlconv XML conversion by convention

xmldeserializer Node package to deserialize an XML string to object tree or JSON string.

xmldom A W3C Standard XML DOM(Level2 CORE) implementation and parser(DOMParser/XMLSerializer).

xmldom-fork-fixed a fork of xmldom with some fixes. should be deleted once we are able to do the fix inside xmldom.

xmldsig Utilities for generating and validating XML signatures.

xmlgoo Adapter for libxml2

xmlnode Simple XML creator

xmlparser an xml2json package for nodejs

xmlrpc A pure JavaScript XML-RPC client and server.

xmlrpc-client-umd A XMLRPC client written with UMD definition

xmlrpc-message-umd A XMLRPC message builder written with UMD definition

xmlrpc-stream Perform XML-RPC using any kind of stream!

xmlserializer Serializes a document to XML/XHTML

xmlshim Provides DOMParser, XMLSerializer and DOMImplementation wrappers in the browser and emulates them on the server-side

xmlslicer Advanced XML Splitting and JSON conversion tools

xmlstream XML Streams for Node

xmltojson Configurable, lightweight XML to JSON converter.

xmpp-ftw-avatar User avatar (XEP-0084) plugin for XMPP-FTW

xmpp-ftw-buddycloud buddycloud plugin for XMPP-FTW

xmpp-ftw-command Ad-hoc commands (XEP-0050) plugin for XMPP-FTW

xmpp-ftw-disco DISCO (XEP-0030) plugin for XMPP-FTW

xmpp-ftw-fanout fanout plugin for XMPP-FTW

xmpp-ftw-item-parser Used to parse "standard" XMPP pubsub payloads both from XML→JSON, and build stanzas JSON→XML

xmpp-ftw-jingle Jingle (XEP-0084) plugin for XMPP-FTW

xmpp-ftw-mam MAM (XEP-0313) plugin for XMPP-FTW

xmpp-ftw-muc Multi User Chat/MUC (XEP-0045) plugin for XMPP-FTW

xmpp-ftw-ping XMPP Ping (XEP-0199) plugin for XMPP-FTW

xmpp-ftw-pubsub Publish-Subscribe/PubSub (XEP-0060) plugin for XMPP-FTW

xmpp-ftw-register In-band registration (XEP-0077) plugin for XMPP-FTW

xmpp-ftw-rpc Jabber-RPC (XEP-0009) plugin for XMPP-FTW

xmpp-ftw-search Jabber search (XEP-0055) plugin for XMPP-FTW

xmpp-ftw-superfeedr SuperFeedr plugin for XMPP-FTW

xmpp-ftw-wtf Unknown stanza plugin for XMPP-FTW

xpath DOM 3 Xpath implemention and helper for node.js.

xpath.js Xpath pure javascript implementation for node.js

xpath.js-goto100 Xpath pure javascript implementation for node.js

xrpc Express middleware and router support for XML-RPC

xsd-schema-validator A (XSD) schema validator for nodejs

xsl-transform Command line interface for transforming XML files with XSL

xslty XSLT 2.0 commandline processor

xtraverse Wrapper for simplifying XML traversal.

zzparser xml parser RSS and Atom

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