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ahr2 An Abstract Http Request for Node.JS (http/https) and the Browser (XMLHttpRequeuest2). For `npm install ahr2` for Node and `pakmanager build` for Ender / Pakmanager. It should be required as `var request = require('ahr2')`

basicrequest basic xmlhttprequest

chrome.sockets.tcp.xhr an XMLHttpRequest drop-in replacement using chrome.sockets.tcp for Chrome Apps

fajax A tiny ender-wrapper around XMLHttpRequest.

httpinvoke A 4.8kb no-dependencies HTTP client library for browsers and Node.js with a promise-based or Node.js-style callback-based API to progress events, text and binary file upload and download, partial response body, request and response headers, status code

httprequest Make HTTP requests in node or the browser

o2.ajax o2.js AJAX Helpers

q-xhr XMLHttpRequest (ajax) using powerful Q promises

uxhr The teeny tiny cross-browser XHR library - just 493 bytes gzipped!

xcop An XHR Cross Origin Proxy allows you to make XHR requests to different friendly API services.

xhr small xhr abstraction

xhr-readystate.js XMLHttpRequest ready state map for Node.js and the browser.

xhr2 XMLHttpRequest emulation for node.js

xmlhttprequest-cookie Cookie-aware XMLHttpRequest Wrapper

xmlhttprequest.jsx xmlhttprequest module for JSX

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