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cli-scrape screen scrape from command line with xpath or css selectors

css-to-xpath Converts CSS selectors to xpaths

css-xpaths Converts CSS selectors to xpaths

flock Evented key-value cache

gdsn GDSN utility library for Node.js

glass-script a safe JSON path expression and simple scripting language. Suitable for evaluating untrusted javascript like code in a sandbox.

hashjs A library of functions for safely accessing, maniuplating, transforming, traversing and extracting from javascript objects

inquiry A parameterized JSON path language for Node.js and the browser.

jpath XPath for JSON with yate-like syntax

jquery-xpath jQuery plugin for querying XML and HTML documents with XPath 2.0

jsel DOM 3 XPath implementation for JavaScript objects.

jsonX a port of xpath for json

libxml-to-js XML to JavaScript object parser based on libxmljs

ltx-xpath xpath evaluator for ltx

nice-xpath XPath 2 implementation

nice-xslt XSLT 2.0 implementation

node-jpath jPath: Traversal utility to help you digg deeper into complex objects or arrays of objects

saxpath XPath expression evaluator against a XML-SAX stream

saxtract A simple SAX + XPATH type parser for converting XML to JS objects

treepath Combinators for selecting DOM nodes.

wgxpath Wicked Good XPath

xpath DOM 3 Xpath implemention and helper for node.js.

xpath-builder DSL for building complex XPath expressions

xpath-parser simple xpath parser

xpath.js Xpath pure javascript implementation for node.js

xpath.js-goto100 Xpath pure javascript implementation for node.js

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