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actorify Turn any duplex stream into an actor

amp Abstract messaging protocol

amp-message Higher level Message object for the AMP protocol

axon High-level messaging & socket patterns implemented in pure js

beacon assign ports for you net services.

centaur Distributed messaging framework

firehose Create an HTTP and WebSocket firefose from anything!

gossip Distributed messaging framework

happening Distributed network-based event emitter

kurunt Real-time processing of streaming data at any scale.

node-logstash Logstash implementation in node JS

remote_event Event System Based on ZMQ

silk Distributed messaging framework Hybrid 0MQ/Redis Store for Socket.IO

socketmq Library for building application in ZeroMQ-like messaging semantics end to end. Build upon node.js and Engine.IO

submq Aggregate zmq subscribers accross a process

super_broker Node.JS / ZeroMQ module for dispatching compute task between workers

super-sockets High-level messaging & socket patterns implemented in pure js

thor-schedule Schedule client for [thorbuster]( service

winston-packed-zmq A 0MQ + msgpack2 transport for winston

winston-zmq A 0MQ transport for winston

z85 ZeroMQ Base-85 Encoding

zero-s3 zmq+http to s3 upload

zeromq-port Bindings for node.js to zeromq 2.x, 3.x versions

zmq Bindings for node.js to zeromq

zmq_reqres A CoffeeScript implementation of ZeroMQ request/response model

zmq-omdp ZeroMQ Obsessive Majordomo Protocol: enhanced version of ZeroMQ Majordomo Protocol (MDP) v0.2 protocol for Node.JS.

zmq-stream A set of stream-based Node bindings for ZeroMQ.

zmq-trunk Bindings for node.js to zeromq

zmq-zap ZeroMQ Authentication Protocol

zmqbus A broker-less message bus with failover

zmqrpc zeromq json rpc 2.0 server

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