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ripple-gateway This software is a framework for building and deploying a Ripple Gateway software sytem. The system includes a core database that manages accounting for deposits and withdrawals of assets to the Ripple network. The Ripple Gateway Framwork provides a stand - 2014-04-24

xhrproxy Serve all request from a remote server locally, appending an 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *' header. - 2014-04-24

emberate go through a directory to make an ember index, it doesn't iterate, it emberates - 2014-04-24

phantom-html-snapshot Express HTML snapshots middleware - 2014-04-24

request-with-cookies An enhancement to mikeal/request library to create reusuable clients that supports cookies per client - 2014-04-24

command-mapper Maps command aliases to real commands based on a mapping.json file. - 2014-04-24

api-stories "JSON API testing without the fuss" - 2014-04-24

mathjs Math.js is an extensive math library for JavaScript and Node.js. It features a flexible expression parser and offers an integrated solution to work with numbers, big numbers, complex numbers, units, and matrices. - 2014-04-24

primus-emitter Simple emitter wrapper for Primus - 2014-04-24

route-machine Open Source PaaS built on Node.JS - route-machine module - 2014-04-24

beyo-events Advanced event emitter - 2014-04-24

pinpad-vt100 Node.js Module to comunicate with pinpads that work with protocol VT100 - 2014-04-24

node-libcurl Node bindings for libcurl. Based on the work from node-curl. - 2014-04-24 Online reference. - 2014-04-24

nanoislands Yate/Stylus/jQuery-UI library for Yandex corporate style - 2014-04-24

generator-amp-publish-plugin A Yeoman generator to create a convenient scaffolding for AMP Publish plugins and screens. - 2014-04-24

raft Open Source PaaS built on Node.JS - 2014-04-24

nor-newrelic Our newrelic CLI utility - 2014-04-24

api-driver a concise way to string together and test JSON API calls - 2014-04-24

raft-snapshot Open Source PaaS built on Node.JS - SnapShot module - 2014-04-24

beyo-plugin-services Service plugin for beyo applications using Primus. - 2014-04-24

hubot-pull-request A hubot script that handles merge requests (Gitlab) and pull requests (Github). - 2014-04-24

gulp-iconfont Create icon fonts from several SVG icons - 2014-04-24

gulp-svgicons2svgfont Create a SVG font from several SVG icons - 2014-04-24

datajs_vanilla Simple wrapper for using the vanilla datajs library in Node applications - 2014-04-24

interfake A simple way to create dummy APIs - 2014-04-24

svn-interface SVN Interface for Node.js - 2014-04-24

koa-rbac Role-Based Acess Control for Koa - 2014-04-24

primus Primus is a simple abstraction around real-time frameworks. It allows you to easily switch between different frameworks without any code changes. - 2014-04-24

unirest Lightweight HTTP Request library. - 2014-04-24

imt-proto Integromat Proto-Classes - 2014-04-24

paperclip-each paperclip-each ============== - 2014-04-24

unpm-mem-backend in memory backend for unpm - 2014-04-24

psychonaut bloom filter testing of tagged words - 2014-04-24

unpm-leveldb leveldb backend for ╬╝npm - 2014-04-24

episoder Application for renaming downloaded tv show files - 2014-04-24

xipframe MVC Framework for Express - 2014-04-24

nodebb-plugin-import-phpbb A phpBB2 to NodeBB data exporter - 2014-04-24

raft-chroot Open Source PaaS built on Node.JS - A port of the dea from vcap - 2014-04-24

json-status A connect-compatible middleware for status responses on JSON HTTP APIs - 2014-04-24 The WebModule example. - 2014-04-24

uupaa.extend.js Mixin, Polyfill, Fallback functions. - 2014-04-24

html-search Node HTML Search adds reasonably sophisticated site-wide cache and search functionality to websites built on [flatfile-node-boilerplate]( - 2014-04-24

hyperjson-connect connect middleware for hyperjson support - 2014-04-24

yammer-rest-api-client A node.js client for Yammer's RESTful API - 2014-04-24

saucejs Common javascript modules for Sauce - 2014-04-24

zooniverse-readymade Zooniverse-readymade is a library that builds basic Zooniverse projects out of a fairly straightforward configuration. The `zooniverse-readymade` command initializes, serves, and builds those projects. - 2014-04-24

targetenv What's the build target? - 2014-04-24

cliprogress A node.js lib for progress displaying and execution timer. - 2014-04-24

uupaa.eventlistener.js EventListener Class. - 2014-04-24

firmata-parser A Firmata parser event emitter - 2014-04-24

uupaa.easing.js Easing functions. - 2014-04-24

node-zopfli Compress files with zopfli algorithm - 2014-04-24

mweb mobile web browser utility - 2014-04-24 Keen IO NodeJS module. Keen IO is a hosted API to collect, analyze, and visualize your data. - 2014-04-24

node-qunit-phantomjs Run QUnit unit tests in a headless PhantomJS instance without using Grunt. - 2014-04-24

uupaa.doubler.js SQLite safe packer. - 2014-04-24

cidrlite NodeJS version of Perl's Net::CIDR::Lite package - 2014-04-24

hubot-github-todos Team management with Github Issues. - 2014-04-24

dnschain A blockchain-based DNS + HTTP server that fixes HTTPS security, and more! - 2014-04-24

apps Create, validate, and render Heroku app.json manifests - 2014-04-24

uupaa.nodemodule.js Node Module Utility. - 2014-04-24

ripple-gateway-data-sequelize To use the Ripple Gateway software requires one to implement a database backend that exposes the Gateway Data interface. Every Data Adapter must comply with the interface in order to be complete, and can verify completeness by running the Data Adapter tes - 2014-04-24

shout The modern IRC client - 2014-04-24

camino One-stop routing for server- and client-side web applications - 2014-04-24

express-html-snapshots Express HTML snapshots middleware - 2014-04-24

serial-spy - 2014-04-24

json-readdir-stream levelup createReadStream for a directory of json files - 2014-04-24

ember-qunit unit test helpers for ember - 2014-04-24

node-typesafe Typesafe data structures for Javascript - 2014-04-24

deride Mocking library based on composition - 2014-04-24

nails-task Task plugin for nails-framework - 2014-04-24

bb-collection-view Easily render backbone.js collections with support for automatic selection of models in response to clicks, reordering models via drag and drop, and more. - 2014-04-24

netease-player A command line music player tailored for Netease Music. - 2014-04-24

lith Tool to generate HTML from Javascript object literals. - 2014-04-24

teishi Tool for validating the input of functions. - 2014-04-24

more-fs a few more Filesystem functions - 2014-04-24

serve-static Serve static files - 2014-04-24

wodge a wodge of functional dough - 2014-04-24

classyfi ERROR: No file found! - 2014-04-24

legion "I am Legion, for we are many." Raise a legion of Node worker processes to do your bidding. - 2014-04-24

freedom Embracing a distributed web - 2014-04-24

consolecolors Console Colors it's a very small script (30 lines) that adds colors to the node console.log extending the string prototype. - 2014-04-24

wowhead A node module that gathers information from Wowhead - 2014-04-24

pimatic-sunrise Events for sunrise, sunset and more - 2014-04-24

use-plugin Plugin loader - 2014-04-24

paper-router convenience routing for restify/express - 2014-04-24

pimatic A home automation server and framework for the raspberry pi running on node.js - 2014-04-24

gitbook Library and cmd utility to generate GitBooks - 2014-04-24

restypush A server that exposes a simple API to push notification servers - 2014-04-24

hapi-mongodb A simple Hapi MongoDB connection plugin. - 2014-04-24

norma A function argument organizer - 2014-04-24

grunt-ssi-piumosso Compiles HTML with SSI into static HTML pages - 2014-04-24

mojojs modular mv+ JavaScript framework for node, and the web - 2014-04-24

loopback LoopBack: Open Mobile Platform for Node.js - 2014-04-24

dualshock-controller node library for dual shock controllers - 2014-04-24

node_workbook Create, manipulate, and save .xlsx files with JavaScript - 2014-04-24

uupaa.devtoolsdetector.js Detect devtools. - 2014-04-24

storm-base-css The Storm ID Base CSS - 2014-04-24

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