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pigments A color model for atom packages - 2014-04-24

generator-codeigniter A generator for Yeoman, this generator creates a CodeIgniter backend and Angular Frontend. - 2014-04-24

storm-base-css The Storm ID Base CSS - 2014-04-24

forever A simple CLI tool for ensuring that a given node script runs continuously (i.e. forever) - 2014-04-24

hat-trick-cli CLI for hat-trick - 2014-04-24

ender-mink Ender API bridge for mink - 2014-04-24

deliver Deliver local and remote static files - 2014-04-24

invite Invitation system backend by nodejs and redis - 2014-04-24

7digital-api 7digital API client for nodeJS - 2014-04-24

grasshopper-admin GUI for the grasshopper DMS - 2014-04-24

restypush A server that exposes a simple API to push notification servers - 2014-04-24

teddy Teddy Templating Engine - 2014-04-24

broccoli-auto-generated Generate files from templates - 2014-04-24

eraro Create JavaScript Error objects with code strings, context details, and uncluttered stacktraces - 2014-04-24

grunt-file-blocks A Grunt task that prepares an HTML, JavaScript or Typescript file by inserting or removing tags into marked blocks for each file that matches a source pattern. - 2014-04-24 o2.js FileSystem-related methods - 2014-04-24

o2.functional o2.js Functional Programming Utility Methods - 2014-04-24

orpheus Redis Object Model for CoffeeScript - 2014-04-24

o2.validation o2.js validation-related methods - 2014-04-24

o2.timer o2.js timer utility methods - 2014-04-24

csw A very simple CSW client - 2014-04-24

o2.then o2.js Deferred Helpers - A Promises/A+ Compliant Deferred Library - 2014-04-24

o2.string o2.js String utility methods - 2014-04-24

o2.object o2.js object-related methods - 2014-04-24

o2.debug o2.js console helper - 2014-04-24

o2.ajax o2.js AJAX Helpers - 2014-04-24

zooniverse-readymade Zooniverse-readymade is a library that builds basic Zooniverse projects out of a fairly straightforward configuration. The `zooniverse-readymade` command initializes, serves, and builds those projects. - 2014-04-24

generator-coffee-generator CoffeeScript Generator generator for Yeoman - 2014-04-24

grunt-amd-build EXPERIMENTAL - Grunt plugin to build AMD applications. - 2014-04-24

generator-coffee-module A generator for Yeoman to scaffold Node modules written in CoffeeScript - 2014-04-24 Modern XMPP in the browser, with a JSON API - 2014-04-24

intaglio-rest A REST service built on top of Intaglio - 2014-04-24

ka-ching A caching module for streams with tag-based invalidation - 2014-04-24

haw An alternative to `hem` - 2014-04-24

cv-url The Official URL Validator - 2014-04-24

npmbox npm addon utility for creating and installing from an archive file of an npm install, including dependencies. - 2014-04-24

publisssh Sync a directory ---------------- - 2014-04-24

sync-transform Synchronously retrieve the output of a browserify-style transform stream - 2014-04-24

jingle Generic Jingle via WebRTC session manager. - 2014-04-24

slick Standalone CSS Selector Finder and Parser. - 2014-04-24

hostmeta Easily retrieve and parse a host's .well-known/host-meta file - 2014-04-24

pwf.js Container for writing frontend modules - 2014-04-24

node-elasticsearch-api Module to invoke ElasticSearch DB services - 2014-04-24

jxt JSON/XML Translator. Set/retrieve data from XML just like working with a dictionary. - 2014-04-24

beautiful-lies Test doubles for asynchronous JavaScript that are easy on the eyes. - 2014-04-24 jQuery UI DownloadBuilder & ThemeRoller backend and frontend application. - 2014-04-24

legion "I am Legion, for we are many." Raise a legion of Node worker processes to do your bidding. - 2014-04-24

ots-data-plugin-mlb Everything you need to get data from the mlb_sn database. - 2014-04-24

koa-statsd Koa statsd middleware - 2014-04-24

featureservice2trigger Command line tool for creating Geotrigger rules features from a Feature Service. - 2014-04-24

jots String similarity scoring as used in Jotto. - 2014-04-24

api-explorer Easily create an interactive documentation for your RESTful API - 2014-04-24

zag graph metrics - 2014-04-24

grunt-timer Times the duration of each of your grunt tasks automatically and outputs the execution time in milliseconds to the console after each task (or optionally, at the end). It also logs the total time for all logged tasks. - 2014-04-24

mongoose-attachments-localfs Simple File System Storage Provider for mongoose-attachments - 2014-04-24

kbpgp Keybase's PGP Implementation - 2014-04-24

jivejs JiveJS-Commons ============== - 2014-04-24

jpromise jPromise ========== - 2014-04-24

secret-service - 2014-04-24

proxkey Proxy/Mock server for testing build on top of HAPI.js - 2014-04-24

episoder Application for renaming downloaded tv show files - 2014-04-24

hubot-sensors A hubot script to create and manage hubot sensors. - 2014-04-24

zetta-runtime The runtime components for Zetta. - 2014-04-24

env-settings Get environment specific settings for your application - 2014-04-24

heartbleed.js Extract server's private key using Heartbleed - 2014-04-24

livef1 Live Formula1 Server - 2014-04-24

cordova-build Cordova build - an alternative to phonegap build that runs on your servers/agents - 2014-04-24

slayer Time series spike detection, like the Matlab/Octave findpeaks function. - 2014-04-24

mongoose-relationship mongoose plugin to create maintain one-many and many-many bidirectional relationships between two schemas - 2014-04-24

gulp-check Gulp plugin to detect illegal expressions - 2014-04-24

cirru-editor Structured editor for Cirru grammar - 2014-04-24

blog-builder A static blog builder made with NodeJS. Put HTML or Markdown articles in, get a static-HTML blog out; complete with tags, archives, pagination, sitemap, and RSS feed. - 2014-04-24

bilder-compilers Compilers grunt-tasks for bilder - 2014-04-24

leadconduit-classic LeadConduit integration with LeadConduit Classic - 2014-04-24

no-repeated-letters Detect repeated letters in a word. - 2014-04-24

d Property descriptor factory - 2014-04-24

koa-dispatch Hybrid Koa router with multiple handlers and param support - 2014-04-24

worklist Keep track of what I worked on this week - 2014-04-24

core Core Libs - 2014-04-24

deride Mocking library based on composition - 2014-04-24

sanitize-string Sanitize a string by removing all unwanted characters and replacing them optionally - 2014-04-24

qcumberbatch Integration wrapper between qcumber and webdriverjs. - 2014-04-24

error-factory Generate valid custom error and exception classes for Node.js. - 2014-04-24

approvals Approval Tests Library - Capturing Human Intelligence - 2014-04-24

http-server-plus Augmented `http.Server`, HTTP/HTTPS and multiple ports on the same instance - 2014-04-24

tallship-manifest High availability service management - a list of the cargo carried by a ship, made for the use of various agents and officials at the ports of destination. - 2014-04-24

binary-search-bounds Better binary searching - 2014-04-24

cacheable A cache wrapper with redis - 2014-04-24

snapdir Snapshot a directory structure and file sha1's to keep track of what's changed between a static website deployment. Best used when leveraged with ApprovalTests.NodeJS. - 2014-04-24

co-cacheable co wrapper for cacheable - 2014-04-24

npm-publish-probe Surrogate package that will be published by npm-probe - 2014-04-24

overcast A terminal-focused cloud management tool. - 2014-04-24

grunt-behance-build Behance build tasks meta plugin - 2014-04-24

grunt-behance The best Grunt plugin ever. - 2014-04-24

cc98-node-api This is an API that parses into useful informations in json. - 2014-04-24

nrunner Lightweight web container for NReports - 2014-04-24

co-ftp ftp wrapping for co - 2014-04-24

es5-ext ECMAScript 5 extensions and ES6 shims - 2014-04-24

bluebird-as Higher Level functions on top of bluebird - 2014-04-24

phantom-render-stream Render a webpage and get the image as a stream - 2014-04-24

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