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shortcake Shorten your Cakefiles and fix oddities in cake. - 2014-04-23

doctoc Generates TOC for markdown files of local git repo. - 2014-04-23

bass Object Document Manager for Node.js - 2014-04-23

amazon-product-api Amazon Product Advertising API client - 2014-04-23

testee Automated cross-browser testing made easy. - 2014-04-23

generator-ngal Yeoman generator for creating modules - 2014-04-23

broccoli-export-tree Broccoli plugin to export a tree. - 2014-04-23

gulp-jshint JSHint plugin for gulp - 2014-04-23

jquery-postcodes Add UK address lookups with a simple postcode input field on any web form with the API. Ideal Postcodes uses Royal Mail's addressing database, the Postcode Address File (PAF). - 2014-04-23

webhdfs Node.js WebHDFS REST API client - 2014-04-23

y Simple object inspection tool - 2014-04-23

traktwrapper LiveScript/JavaScript wrapper around the API - 2014-04-23

weibull Program that fits a Weibull distribution to a given dataset - 2014-04-23

plugbotapi An API for creating bots on - 2014-04-23

nest-api The main Nest API for node (also see: nest-thermostat-api and nest-protect-api) - 2014-04-23

pinoccio pinoccio api client. - 2014-04-23

generator-realtime Yeoman generator for AngularJS + Firebase - 2014-04-23

carbonfibers This library is currently *INCOMPLETE* and is also in an *UNSTABLE* state. Requires you to run in node --harmony. No Documentation (yet). - 2014-04-23

nar node.js application archive - 2014-04-23

array-swap Swapping two items in a javascript array - Array.prototype.swap - 2014-04-23

grunt-behance The best Grunt plugin ever. - 2014-04-23

fire-up Fire Up! is a dependency injection container designed specifically for node.js with a powerful but sleek API. - 2014-04-23

dogerode DogStatsD shim for dockerode - 2014-04-23

csvtojson A tool concentrating on converting csv data to JSON with customised parser supporting - 2014-04-23

freeze A flexible static blog generator based on Markdown - 2014-04-23

ripple-wallet A node.js library for generating a Ripple wallet. - 2014-04-23

poe-ui high-productivity collection of tools and practices for rapidly writing production-ready applications - 2014-04-23

magnet-uri Parse a magnet URI and return an object of keys/values - 2014-04-23

habithings HabiThings - 2014-04-23

apostrophe-soundcloud It's soundcloud for apostrophe. - 2014-04-23

dreamstore The conversion dream store - 2014-04-23

npm-user-validate User validations for npm - 2014-04-23

harvestgoogle A tool for harvesting Google Calendar events into the Harvest time tracker - 2014-04-23

jazzmine jassmine testsuite with support for async and require modules - 2014-04-23

express-mysql-session A MySQL session store for express.js - 2014-04-23

eraro Create JavaScript Error objects with code strings, context details, and uncluttered stacktraces - 2014-04-23

moquirejs mock require dependencies - 2014-04-23

serially Compose async functions into one function that runs all serially - 2014-04-23

mocha-gaia simple, flexible, fun test framework - 2014-04-23

grunt-ant-sfdc Add salesforce and ANT tasks to your grunt builds - 2014-04-23

bullshit mental javascript implementation of stanley.lieber's bullshit from plan9front - 2014-04-23

json-typecheck Check JSON objects against a type template - 2014-04-23

econsole Enhanced console - 2014-04-23

delmarks A node based command line tool for managing your bookmarks - 2014-04-23

lineman-manifest An application cache manifest plugin for Lineman - 2014-04-23

gleeman Framework agnostic meta framework - 2014-04-23

murmurhash3 Node binding of MurmurHash3 - 2014-04-23

muz Static CMS. Turns Markdown formatted txt inputs into a complete website. - 2014-04-23

vtt.js A JavaScript implementation of the WebVTT specification. - 2014-04-23

picotts PicoTTS wrapper. PicoTTS is being used by Android and it's extremely lightweight and fast yet produces very natural voices. - 2014-04-23

assemble-contrib-drafts Assemble plugin (v0.5.0) for preventing drafts from being built. - 2014-04-23

saml2-js SAML 2.0 node helpers - 2014-04-23

configable Don't repeat yourself. Configure everything. - 2014-04-23

sphere-message-processing This node.js library is designed to provide an easy way to write a SPHERE.IO message processors. - 2014-04-23

keks get, set and remove cookies clientside - 2014-04-23

instagram-cli A Node.js CLI tool to display your Instagram feed via ASCII art. - 2014-04-23

hubot-appearin A hubot script to create chat rooms and link to them - 2014-04-23

env-writer Streaming process.env writer - 2014-04-23

apimocker Simple HTTP server that returns mock service API responses to your front end. - 2014-04-23

env-reader Streaming environment variable reader - 2014-04-23

peerflix-server Streaming torrent client for node.js with web ui. - 2014-04-23

text-buffer A container for large mutable strings with annotated regions - 2014-04-23

ssb Use Statistics Norway's API - 2014-04-23

env-parser Streaming environment variable parser - 2014-04-23

envoodoo Environment variable loader - 2014-04-23

patio Patio query engine and ORM - 2014-04-23

admittance A Simple role based access control implementation for node - 2014-04-23

slamdunk simplified AMD entry - 2014-04-23

gulp-prefix Implementation of html-prefixer for gulp - 2014-04-23

vectorize-text Render a string to a vectorized cell complex - 2014-04-23

ironium ![]( - 2014-04-23

legion "I am Legion, for we are many." Raise a legion of Node worker processes to do your bidding. - 2014-04-23

citero citero - 2014-04-23

batata Batata - 2014-04-23

volos-cache-redis Basic redis-based caching library for the Volos system. - 2014-04-23

balmung Web tools for optimizing images - 2014-04-23

mweb mobile web browser utility - 2014-04-23

pigments A color model for atom packages - 2014-04-23

flowdock-stream A streaming client for flowdock flows - 2014-04-23

tidepool-gatekeeper Authorization server and client - 2014-04-23

bimap A powerful, flexible and efficient bidirectional map implementation - 2014-04-23

bluecat REST API test framework in Nodejs - 2014-04-23

ads Twincat ADS protocol implementation for NodeJS - 2014-04-23

meddleware Configuration-based middleware registration for express. - 2014-04-23

simplify-planar-graph Simplifies a planar graph - 2014-04-23

amoeba Common library for - 2014-04-23

geomoment moment-timezone, if moment-timezone forced you to choose a particular moment in time. also, some extra sugar. - 2014-04-23

collaborator easily add new collaborators to your github repos from the CLI - 2014-04-23

geomoment-angular An angular module for date formatting; wraps geomoment. For use with browserify. - 2014-04-23

traductores Un ejemplo de un traductor del espaƱol al aleman e ingles - 2014-04-23

node-url-utils This node.js module provides several utility methods that can be useful while working with URLs. - 2014-04-23

bindable-model Models: - 2014-04-23

mojojs modular mv+ JavaScript framework for node, and the web - 2014-04-23

waterline-schema The core schema builder used in the Waterline ORM. - 2014-04-23

pipe.js The client-side library which is used in BigPipe to orchestrate the pagelets. - 2014-04-23

odbc unixodbc bindings for node - 2014-04-23

auth0-js Auth0 headless browser sdk - 2014-04-23

orpheus Redis Object Model for CoffeeScript - 2014-04-23

mongo-clean Clean a Mongo database - 2014-04-23

droppy Personal cloud storage with a speedy HTML5 interface. - 2014-04-23

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