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kevoree-merger Command-line tool that helps merging XMI or Json models together and generate a merged JSON model - 2014-04-16

kevoree-core Kevoree Core - 2014-04-16

d-auth Saron Console plugin - 2014-04-16

ioccontainer Dependency injection implementation (Spring evangelist) - 2014-04-16

node-observer Observer pattern implementation - 2014-04-16

hapi-mongoose-resource resourceful mongoose objects for the hapi framework - 2014-04-16

grunt-require-gettext Grunt plugin to process js files and extract calls to gettext that is used with a requirejs gettext module. - 2014-04-16

routy A dead simple module to manage hash routing in the browser. - 2014-04-16

strong-cluster-express-store Extension of express-session store using node's native cluster messaging - 2014-04-16

pkgauthor parses the author field of a package.json - 2014-04-16

node-couchdb-api Module to invoke CouchDB services - 2014-04-16

sportsdata Node module that wraps the SportsData API - 2014-04-16

gnd Ground Web Development Framework - 2014-04-16

githash get a repo's HEAD git hash - 2014-04-16

iframely oEmbed/2 gateway endpoint. Get embed data for various http links through one self-hosted API - 2014-04-16

tigerteam-math_example An example of creating a package - 2014-04-16

myrpc-runtime MyRPC JavaScript runtime for Node.js - 2014-04-16

mongojs Easy to use module that implements the mongo api - 2014-04-16

lscache A simple library that emulates memcache functions using HTML5 localStorage - 2014-04-16

cache-client An easy to use cache client that allows use for memcached, redis, or lru-cache - 2014-04-16

grunt-sass-to-scss-expand Convert sass to scss files - 2014-04-16

priceminister ## Introduction - 2014-04-16

strip-indent Strip leading whitespace from every line in a string - 2014-04-16

unexpected-express Extend the unexpected assertion library with support for testing Express middleware - 2014-04-16

ansi-logger Console logger with support for colors and log levels, it complies to the default console.log interface, with methods like log,error,warn,debug and extended with some extra levels for nice formatting purposes. - 2014-04-16

lingon A minimal static site generator inspired by Middleman and Sprockets, compatible with gulp plugins. - 2014-04-16

handlebars-precompiler Handlebars precompiler node module - 2014-04-16

fis front-end integrated solution. - 2014-04-16

trianglify Trianglify is a javascript library for generating colorful triangle meshes that can be used as SVG images and CSS backgrounds. - 2014-04-16

pathos Decompose a javascript object into a set of path/value slices. - 2014-04-16

is-predicate A set of predicate functions to improve your value testing and comparisons. - 2014-04-16

fis-spriter-csssprites 基于fis的csssprite,支持repeat-x,repeat-x,background-position - 2014-04-16

negotiator HTTP content negotiation - 2014-04-16

bilder-reporter report deployments via slack, hipchat & gmail - 2014-04-16

appetite Shop - 2014-04-16

decking A Docker helper to create, manage and run clusters of containers - 2014-04-16

giik A static site generator for book. - 2014-04-16

ths A module that lets you create Tor hidden services from node.js - 2014-04-16

fontello-svg fontello-svg is a command-line tool to generate the SVG versions of a Fontello icon set, with a corresponding CSS file. - 2014-04-16

noflo-facebook Facebook components for NoFlo - 2014-04-16

npm-probe Probe npm registries for statistics - 2014-04-16

has-color Detect whether a terminal supports color - 2014-04-16

multi-ini An ini-file parser which supports multi line, multiple levels and arrays to get a maximum of compatibility with Zend config files. - 2014-04-16

cozy-controller Module used to install, update and remove applications in the Cozy Platform. - 2014-04-16

angular-timeago Angular directive/filter/service for formatting date so that it displays how long ago the given time was compared to now. - 2014-04-16

nrm NPM registry manager can help you easy and fast switch between different npm registries, now include: snpm, cnpm, eu, au, sl(strongloop), nj(nodejitsu) - 2014-04-16

kamuicheng-nodeap null - 2014-04-16

haven Browser Package Manager - 2014-04-16

winston-stream Wrap a Winston logger in a stream interface - 2014-04-16

requisite A cosmic javascript bundler. - 2014-04-16

gulp-es6-module-transpiler Gulp plugin to transpile ES6 module syntax - 2014-04-16

companies A service for fetching company info. - 2014-04-16

docuri Rich document ids for CouchDB - 2014-04-16

webthusiast-dev webthusiast development tools - 2014-04-16

wresults Gathers results from various search engines based on a query and ranks them based on the number of links they have in common & the order they appear in each engine. - 2014-04-16

asimov-deploy-ui Web UI For Assimov Deploy (distributed deploy system) - 2014-04-16

travelogue hapi passport.js integration helper - 2014-04-16

quadtreemap Functions that map the quads in D3 quadtrees to rects and maps the points as well. - 2014-04-16

jt-cssminify css minify for jt-cli - 2014-04-16

dazeus-plugin-food DaZeus plugin for managing dining parties. - 2014-04-16

bebop Code ninja, code ninja go! Develop at breakneck speeds. - 2014-04-16

aws-price Amazon product API price lookup simplified - 2014-04-16

edp-build Package for edp build - 2014-04-16

grunt-upload-file After we build the project, sometimes we may need to upload some files through form post method ! - 2014-04-16

validity-entity-exists Validity style validator to ensure a separate entity exists when being added to the current entity - 2014-04-16

edp Enterprise Develop Platform - 2014-04-16

tadicl-p2 Servidor Node capaz de tratar peticiones REST y que implementa uso de cache con tiempo establecido - 2014-04-16

apiaxle-api-client A client library for the ApiAxle API - 2014-04-16

elastic-transfer Elastic | Transfer (innovating file management) - 2014-04-16

dstruc Get directories and files recursively. - 2014-04-16

closurify Translates AMD modules to closure compiler format - 2014-04-16

meta-script A language with a compiler that targets Javascript. - 2014-04-16

mailgun-js Simple Node.js helper module for Mailgun API - 2014-04-16

bauhausjs A modular CMS for Node.js - 2014-04-16

edp-package Package for edp package manage - 2014-04-16

pegstripper Strip PEGjs grammars to just the grammar for documentation - 2014-04-16

pandatool Panda.js node toolkit - 2014-04-16

audio-recorder An extensible audio recorder. - 2014-04-16

node-constellation Calculate out which constellation one certain day is. - 2014-04-16

edp-core [![Build Status](]( [![Dependencies Status](]( - 2014-04-16

colorzy Injects formatting methods into objects - 2014-04-16

generator-dan Yeoman generator for Single Page Application based on Backbone framework - 2014-04-16

part-native generate helpful methods from native objects using _part_ - 2014-04-16

daisy-resources A data representation of a DAISY 2.02 book - 2014-04-16

defunct Library of functional helper functions - 2014-04-16

mqlight-dev IBM MQ Light Client Module - 2014-04-16

vumigo_v02 Javascript toolkit and examples for Vumi's Javascript sandbox - 2014-04-16

routey Simple automatic route setup for NodeJS - 2014-04-16

sails-generate-gulp-bower Generate Gulp and Bower configs and scaffolding for a sailsjs project - 2014-04-16

tedious A TDS driver, for connecting to MS SQLServer databases. - 2014-04-16

nodebb-plugin-soundcloud NodeBB SoundCloud Plugin - 2014-04-16

fis-parser-sass A parser plugin for fis to compile sass file. - 2014-04-16

markdown-middleware middleware for serving markdown files as rendered HTML - 2014-04-16

zooniverse-readymade Zooniverse-readymade is a library that builds basic Zooniverse projects out of a fairly straightforward configuration. The `zooniverse-readymade` command initializes, serves, and builds those projects. - 2014-04-16

resourceful-simpledb A SimpleDB backend for the Flatiron Resourceful framework. - 2014-04-16

connect-combo connect middleware for assets combo. - 2014-04-16

sofa-image-resizer-service Sofa Web SDK component. - 2014-04-16

interpol Templates Sans Facial Hair - 2014-04-16

easy-worker 方便使用的Worker封装 - 2014-04-16

cyan A simple game engine for the browser, eventually - 2014-04-16

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