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blessed A curses-like library for node.js.

cas Central Authentication Service (CAS) client for Node.js

cheerio Tiny, fast, and elegant implementation of core jQuery designed specifically for the server

curry flexible but simple curry function

dnsgen Generate DNS files using json

elasticsearchclient A client for Elastic Search

imap An IMAP module for node.js that makes communicating with IMAP servers easy

java Bridge API to connect with existing Java APIs.

mailparser Asynchronous and non-blocking parser for mime encoded e-mail messages

meteor Meteor is an ultra-simple environment for building modern web applications.

native-dns Replacement for the core DNS module, includes server implementation

node-gyp Node.js native addon build tool

node-sass wrapper around libsass

nodeconf2013 All the packages you'll need for NodeConf!

q A library for promises (CommonJS/Promises/A,B,D)

restcomplete Sugar on top of restify and noodles to allow quick REST services launching that will auto document your efforts.

sinon JavaScript test spies, stubs and mocks.

smtp-protocol implements the smtp protocol for clients and servers

trumpet parse and transform streaming html using css selectors

underscore JavaScript's functional programming helper library.

xmljson Translates between JSON and XML formats

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