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async Higher-order functions and common patterns for asynchronous code

cli-table Pretty unicode tables for the CLI

coffee-script Unfancy JavaScript

dnode freestyle rpc

express Sinatra inspired web development framework

fluent-ffmpeg A fluent API to FFMPEG (

glob a little globber

growl Growl unobtrusive notifications

hbs Express.js template engine plugin for Handlebars

marked A markdown parser built for speed

mongoose Mongoose MongoDB ODM

n node version manager

nano minimalistic couchdb driver for node.js

open open a file or url in the user's preferred application

phantom PhantomJS wrapper for Node

tmp Temporary file and directory creator

traces-graph Pretty graphs for traces

underscore JavaScript's functional programming helper library.

xml-writer Native and full Javascript implementation of the classic XMLWriter class

ytdl A pure Javascript streaming youtube video downloader.

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