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acs-cli node.js client for azure acs management service.

addressit Freeform Street Address Parser

admin-with-forms admin for mongoose and not mongoose projects which uses forms

ae86 Old school static website generator.

affilinet simple interface to the affilinet api

ahr2 An Abstract Http Request for Node.JS (http/https) and the Browser (XMLHttpRequeuest2). For `npm install ahr2` for Node and `pakmanager build` for Ender / Pakmanager. It should be required as `var request = require('ahr2')`

airport role-based port management for upnode

alloy Appcelerator Titanium MVC Framework

amazon-s3-url-signer Module to sign urls to allow access to resources in the S3

amino Clustering framework for Node.js

amon node.js module for Amon

amqp AMQP driver for node

amqp-stats Interface for RabbitMQ Management statistics.

ankur Test

anvil.jade Jade compiler extension for anvil.js

anvil.mocha Mocha test runner for anvil.js

aonx very opinionated application framework

api-easy Fluent (i.e. chainable) syntax for generating vows tests against RESTful APIs.

appcelerator Appcelerator ACS API package for Node.js

appcloud A lightweight web server to developer your App Cloud apps against, along with scaffolding to generate your apps.

appjs AppJS is a SDK on top of nodejs to develop desktop applications using HTML/CSS/JS

appjs-linux-ia32 AppJS is a SDK on top of nodejs to develop desktop applications using HTML/CSS/JS

appjs-linux-x64 AppJS is a SDK on top of nodejs to develop desktop applications using HTML/CSS/JS

appjs-win AppJS is a SDK on top of nodejs to develop desktop applications using HTML/CSS/JS

apw APW (Arch-Plans-Workers) [![Build Status](]( ========================

argparse Very powerful CLI arguments parser. Native port of argparse - python's options parsing library

args Command line arguments parser

assert-responselike An ultra simple all-test-framework friendly utility, meant to be used with the test framework of your choice, decorates the built-in assert object with a new method responseLike(res,exp,msg)

asset_builder build, concatenate, and compress assets

asset-rack Static Web Framework for Nodejs

assetgraph Optimization framework for web pages and applications

assetgraph-builder Build system for web sites and applications

async Higher-order functions and common patterns for asynchronous code

async-fs Asynchronous file system utility library for nodeJS

asyncblock A simple and powerful abstraction of node-fibers

asyncBuilder handle async dependency loading

atok Fast, easy and dynamic tokenizer for Node Streams

atom-writer To generate ATOM feeds quickly

au ActiveUser developer SDK

audit Generate performance statistics for async or sync functions

aur Archlinux AUR cli

auto_npm Automatically update NPM packages and Git tags

autocast Easily and automatically cast common datatypes in JavaScript

aws-swf A Node.js library for accessing Amazon SWF

aws2js AWS (Amazon Web Services) APIs client implementation for node.js

awssum NodeJS module to aid talking to Web Service APIs. Requires plugins.

backbone Give your JS App some Backbone with Models, Views, Collections, and Events.

backbone-validation A validation plugin for [Backbone.js]( that validates both your model as well as form input. Backbone.js sync via Socket.IO

backboneio Share Backbone.js models between client and server and sync them with

backoff Fibonacci and exponential backoffs.

baidutemplate a very easy to use javascript template engine

bake-js Composing Small Javascript Libraries, Homebrew Style

bal-util Common utility functions for Node.js used and maintained by Benjamin Lupton

bam The Easiest Static Site Generator on the Planet!

baseview minimalistic couchbase view client for node.js

basic-auth-parser Parse Basic Auth `Authorization` HTTP headers

battery command to check battery life

bbb Backbone Boilerplate Build Tool

bbgurl bbgurl: A tiny cli http client; a thin wrapper around mikeal/request. Named by @blakmatrix.

bcp47 Parser for the BCP 47 language tag specification

bcrypt A bcrypt library for NodeJS.

bean A small, fast, framework-agnostic event manager

beep A BEEP protocol implementation for node.js

bees Api documentation generator

bem BEM Tools

bencode Bencode de/encoder

bigga Just because making strings longer doesn't help.

binaryjs Binary realtime streaming made easy

bindings Helper module for loading your native module's .node file

binpack Minimalist numeric binary packing utilities for node.js

blend High speed image blending and quantization

bling The kitchen sink library.

bob Convention-based build tool for node.js projects.

boiler Bundle Node.js libraries for the browser

bokeh A blazing-fast task queue built on Node.js and ZeroMQ.

bones Framework for using backbone.js on the client and server.

bonzo Library agnostic, extensible DOM utility

bouncy route incoming http requests to http servers

braintree A library for integrating with Braintree.

bread file based cms/blog engine without backend

breeze Async flow control utility.

brik.ipa.client easy access to methods of an ipa server

brik.ipa.feed read a set of feeds and send their content to ipa

broadway-jqtpl Plugin for flatiron/broadway for rendering with the jqtpl express view engine.

bronson Bronson is a real time browser messaging framework with serverside integration.

browserify browser-side require() the node way

bson A bson parser for node.js and the browser

buffered-reader Binary and event-based data buffered readers.

buffered-writer Writes buffered data to files

bufferjs Pure JavaScript Buffer utils.

buffertools Working with node.js buffers made easy.

buffet Performance-oriented static file server

buildlocale buildlocale ===========

bunyan a JSON Logger library for node.js services

burrito Wrap up expressions with a trace function while walking the AST with rice and beans on the side

buster-core Buster core utilities

buster-win Temporary Windows harness for busterjs (A browser JavaScript testing toolkit) until v1 is released with full support.

bxh Bounding interval hierarchy and bounding volume hierarchy library for nodejs

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