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binary-search-bounds Better binary searching

cmd-ln Converts command-line arguments to function arguments - for simple CLI programs.

cors-anywhere CORS Anywhere is a reverse proxy which adds CORS headers to the proxied request. Request URL is taken from the path

corser A highly configurable, middleware compatible implementation of CORS.

corsify CORS up a route handler

demo-console A demonstration console for browser demos (useful for working with requirebin)

dot-reporter Print colorful dots to show progress and status of asynchronously completing events

drag-and-drop-files Handle file drag and drop events without all the Yak shaving create and edit maps, on the internet

get-object-path Return a value from given object path

ghissues Interact with the GitHub issues API

google-refresh-token Refreshes Google OAuth 2 Access Tokens

grunt-node-webkit-builder Let's you build your node webkit apps with grunt

hasinternet checks for internet, works in browser and node

http-framework A web framework based purely on `require('http')`

httpify Http in Node and Browserify, simply.

join-stream intersperse stream chunks with separators

json-select select json from (very large) json files

keypair Generate a RSA PEM key pair from pure JS

linger A busy indicator for the terminal

mhl-buoy-data MHL buoys track swell conditions off the coast of NSW Australia. This will parse their GIF graphs so the data can be used in other ways

musicnamer Organize your music collection

ndarray Multidimensional Arrays

network-address get the local network address of your machine

node-ams-sdk Client SDK for Azure Media Service

node-gcs Node.js wrapper for Google Cloud Storage API v2.0

npmlv List module versions in your project in format easy to copy and paste to your package.json.

pako zlib port to javascript - fast, modularized, with browser support

player command line interface mp3 player based on Node.js

point-in-big-polygon Industrial strength point in polygon test

pre-commit Automatically install pre-commit hooks for your npm modules.

progress-stream Read the progress of a stream

ractify browserify 2 + precompiled Ractive.js components

ractive Next-generation DOM manipulation

rcss CSS as JavaScript objects, imported with `require()`.

request Simplified HTTP request client.

rfc-csv RFC 4180 CSV stream parser

scat Pipe your javascripts straight into your browser

script-load Given a URL, asynchronously load a script in the browser.

seq-file A module for storing the ever-increasing sequence files when following couchdb _changes feeds.

set-styles Batch-set CSS properties on an element.

single-line-log Keep writing to the same line in the terminal. Very useful when you write progress bars, or a status message during longer operations

stdout pipe objects to console.log

stream-to-json Deserialize JSON from a stream

tar-fs filesystem bindings for tar-stream

type-of-is Determine and test types using constructor or {}.toString

xhr small xhr abstraction

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