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after after - tiny flow control

blanket seamless js code coverage

cases cases provides parameterized unit tests for Mocha.

cors middleware for dynamically or statically enabling CORS in express/connect applications

credential Easy password hashing and verification in Node. Protects against brute force, rainbow tables, and timing attacks.

debug small debugging utility

image-size get dimensions of any image file

inflect A port of the Rails / ActiveSupport inflector to JavaScript.

memwatch Keep an eye on your memory usage, and discover and isolate leaks.

messageformat PluralFormat and SelectFormat Message and i18n Tool - A JavaScript Implemenation of the ICU standards.

mocha simple, flexible, fun test framework

monk [![build status](](

natural General natural language (tokenizing, stemming (English, Russian, Spanish), classification, inflection, phonetics, tfidf, WordNet, jaro-winkler, Levenshtein distance, Dice's Coefficient) facilities for node.

simple-statistics Simple Statistics

slugger Takes a string, returns a url friendly string. Works in browser and node. Dead simple.

speakingurl Generate a slug with a lot of options; create of so called 'static' or 'Clean URL' or 'Pretty URL' or 'nice-looking URL' or 'Speaking URL' or 'user-friendly URL' or 'SEO-friendly URL' from a string.

uid generate unique ids of variable length

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