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connect High performance middleware framework

ejs Embedded JavaScript templates

eventemitter2 A Node.js event emitter implementation with namespaces, wildcards, TTL and browser support.

every-stream Generic DSN-based streaming API: Stream('ftp://user@host/path/to/file.txt').pipe(Stream('file:///path/to/local.txt'))

express Sinatra inspired web development framework

filed Simplified file library.

forever A simple CLI tool for ensuring that a given node script runs continuously (i.e. forever)

formidable A node.js module for parsing form data, especially file uploads.

ftp-server Featureless FTP server

jus-config Configuration handler, accepts multiple file formats, and overriding over multiple directories and filenames. Main usage: require('jus-config')(configNames, dirNames, callback).

jus-i18n Real I18N implementation, with a true support for plural forms, and many storage engines. Works best with Express or Jus Framework

jus-task Easy namespaced task handling in CLI

log4js Port of Log4js to work with node.

node-static simple, compliant file streaming module for node

optimist Light-weight option parsing with an argv hash. No optstrings attached.

redis Redis client library Real-time apps made cross-browser & easy with a WebSocket-like API

yaml Yaml parser

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