Och nee, nicht noch ein Built-Script…

npm install 0815
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  • gives you a predefined Boilerplate with
  • creates minified CSS out of your .styl files
  • creates image sprites
  • creates minified JS out of your .js files
  • Source Map support for your JavaScript
  • executes your unit tests and creates a coverage report for each built
  • precompiles your handlebars templates
  • reloads your webapp on all devices when a new build finished while in development-mode


  1. Navigate to your new project.

     sebbo:~ sebbo2002$ cd ~/Workspace/super-awesome-project/
  1. Make sure you have node.js >= 0.8 installed on your environment. Older versions may work, but I haven't test any of them. You can check your node's version with

     sebbo:super-awesome-project sebbo2002$ node -v

    You can download the current node.js installation bundles here.

  1. For doing the unit tests, PhantomJS and JSCoverage have to be installed globally
  1. Add 0815 to your project by installing it via npm:

     sebbo:super-awesome-project sebbo2002$ npm install 0815
     npm http GET https://registry.npmjs.org/0815
     npm http 304 https://registry.npmjs.org/0815


  1. You need a js-file for 0815's configuration. In this documentation, this file is named build.js. For a quick start, you can copy the content of an example build.js file

     .setInput(__dirname + '/app')
     .setOutput(__dirname + '/public')
  2. Copy a fresh Boilerplate in your input directory (defined by setInput())

     sebbo:super-awesome-project sebbo2002$ node build setup
     [info] Leeres Projekt liegt in /Users/sebbo2002/Dropbox/Workspace/super-awesome-project/app

    This is the place, where you will build your awesome app.

  1. While developing your app, it's helpful to start the development server. You can do so by running node build develop. This will build your app and launch a web server for viewing it, so you can access your built app on localhost:3000. You can also change the port by running node build develop [port].

    The development server will not create new builds on his own. I hate those file watchers, because they sometimes work, but sometimes not. To force a new building process, you have to open http://localhost:3000/0815/build.

    I use Sublime Text to code, so I created a build system to start a new building process

         "cmd": ["curl", "-s", "http://localhost:3000/0815/build"],
         "working_dir": "$project_path"
  2. To create a productive built of your app, empty your output directory (I will fix that later…) and run

     node build
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