7digital API client for nodeJS

npm install 7digital-api
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Node.js API Client

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About 7digital

7digital.com is an online music store operating in over 16 countries and offering more than 11 million high quality DRM free MP3s (320kbps) from all major labels and wide range of idependent labels and distributors. 7digital API will give you access to the full catalogue including high quality album art, 30s preview clips for all tracks, commissions on sales, integrated purchasing and full length streaming. More details at developer.7digital.net


A serverside javascript client for the 7digital API . Full code documentation for the most recent release can be found here



Install it via npm

npm install --save 7digital-api


See the examples folder for examples of how to use this. If you have included 7digital-api in your dependencies in the package.json file, you can use the like so:

var api = require('7digital-api'),
    artists = new api.Artists();

artists.getReleases({ artistid: 1 }, function(err, data) {

To supply your OAuth credentials or if you want XML responses, you can use the configure function. Here is how you can do so:

var api, artists;

api = require('7digital-api').configure({
    format: 'XML',
    consumerkey: 'MY_KEY_HERE',
    consumersecret: 'MY_SECRET_HERE',

artists = new api.Artists();

artists.getReleases({ artistid: 1 }, function(err, data) {

See developer.7digital.net for full details of the API endpoints and the parameters they accept.

Making requests on behalf of a user to OAuth protected endpoints

There is a bundled OAuth helper that configures the oauth library with the necessary settings for the API and formats the authorise URL appropriately.


See oauth.js in the examples folder for an example of the OAuth flow for acquiring an authorised access token and secret that you will need to access any of the protected endpoints on behalf of a user.

node examples\oauth.js

Running the tests

To run the unit tests:

npm test

There are also integration tests. Tests for various error handling scenarios are run against a stub 7d api. It can be installed with:

npm install git://github.com/7digital/api-stub.git

Some of the integration tests (around the client's handling of OAuth) run against the real 7d api. In order for these tests to work, several environment variables need to be set:


Your 7d api key and secret, which can be obtained from http://access.7digital.com/partnerprogram


The code for a voucher which can be applied to a basket containing an item of 1p, used for a two-legged OAuth test.


A token and secret for access to any user's resources for a given consumer key and secret. These are used for 3-legged OAuth tests, and can be obtained by running node ./examples/oauth.js and following the prompts.

If these vars are set, the tests can then be run with:

mocha spec-integration/
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