A dead-simple way to utilize's JSON API

npm install
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The module is a dead-simple way to utilize's JSON API. It only comes with two methods: search and info, but that's all we need to get a ton of work done with the data behind



I prefer making my express apps driven by an internal API. By that, I mean I like to set up back-end routes that my front-end routes can receive data from. Included in the /example directory is a very rudimentary example of how one would go about using the doaminr module.


$ npm install domainr


Like previously mentioned, this module comes with two methods available: search, and info. Both of them take two arguments: a query and a callback (which aliases the parameter you pass into it as the data that's returned from, so you can do whatever you want with it).

.search(query, callback)
.info(query, callback)
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