JSON-like parser/formatter to pass objects between processes and/or threads

npm install JASON
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JASON is just like JSON, but unlike JSON it can:

  • serialize objects with methods
  • serialize objects with cyclic references
  • understand Dates, Regexps, Booleans, etc, and restore them with .parse() with their proper types/classes.
  • understand and serialize all the JS primitives, including undefined
  • properly recreate the holes in Arrays

JASON lets you pass objects as text between processes and/or threads.

Warning: unlike JSON, JASON is unsafe. You should only use it in contexts where you have strong guarantees that the strings that you pass to the JASON parser have been produced by a JASON formatter from a trusted source.


JASON syntax is just plain JavaScript (but not JSON).

The stringify function does the clever work of generating whatever Javascript is needed to recreate the object, and the parse function is just a call to eval.


See the test/test01.js file.


var JASON = require("JASON");

str = JASON.stringify(obj);
obj = JASON.parse(str);


The easiest way to install JASON is with NPM:

npm install JASON


This work is licensed under the MIT license.

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