A library for fetching user data from PSN

npm install PSNjs
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PSNjs A simple library for fetching PSN profile data in Node.JS


npm install -g PSNjs

Alternatively, add PSNjs to your package file or local install with 'npm install PSNjs'.

Installing from Git

Clone the repo. cd into the directory and link to gain access to PSNjs on your system.

git clone
cd PSNjs
sudo npm link

Example Use

require("PSNjs").profile("cubehouse", function(data){

require("PSNjs").games("cubehouse", function(data){

Profile Object

  • username (PSN Username)
  • avatar (PSN Avatar)
  • country (user's country code)
  • region (us/eu/jp - WIP)
  • psplus (does this user have PlayStation Plus?)
  • aboutme (PSN profile about me comment - may not be present)
  • lang (array of user's languages - may not be present)
  • level (user's current PSN level)
  • panel (panel image from PS Vita - may not be present)
  • colour (user's profile colour in rgba format - may not be present)
  • trophies (object of trophy counts - platinum, gold, silver and bronze)
  • total (total trophy count)
  • points (current level points)
  • points_floor (points required for user's current level)
  • points_next (points required for user's next level)
  • percent (percent complete to next level)

Game Object

Game data returns an array of game objects with the following information:

  • id (official game ncommid)
  • title (game's name)
  • icon (URL of game's official icon)
  • complete (percentage complete for user)
  • trophies (object of trophy counts - platinum, gold, silver and bronze)
  • total (total trophy count)

Note, currently only PS3 games are returned.

Future Versions

  • Fetch detailed trophy data
  • Specify whether to fetch trophy count or profile data
  • Caching

Web Service

An example web service is included. By default is runs on port 2265 (will be configurable later).

node webservice/web.js

Load localhost:2265/get/user/username (or whatever) to get a dataset.

This is very barebones and currently is just a demo.


A massive thank you has to go to the PSNAPI website for documenting so much information so clearly.

If this is useful, please support them.

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