Charting and graphing node.js module

npm install TeeChart
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TeeChart module for Node.js

Steema Software www.steema.com

Charting module using TeeChart for JavaScript. Free for non-commercial use. See license.txt.

For TeeChart Javascript demos, documentation, support:



To create and render a chart picture at server-side, an HTML5 node library is required.

TeeChart has been tested on Linux using node.js and node-canvas module.


-Install node.js: http://nodejs.org

-Install node-canvas module: http://github.com/LearnBoost/node-canvas

Running included example:

node main.js

This small javascript code will accept requests via web to return an image/png sample chart:


The important bits of code are:

1) Using TeeChart and node-canvas modules:

var tee=require('./lib/teechart-min.js'), Canvas=require('./node-canvas/lib/canvas.js');

2) Creating a Tee.Chart, passing the canvas:

var canvas = new Canvas(500,300), chart = new tee.Tee.Chart(canvas);

3) Manually specifying chart size (this step should not be mandatory in future releases) :


4) Add chart series, data, change formatting, etc, and DRAW:

chart.title.text="Node.js and TeeChart"; chart.addSeries(new tee.Tee.Bar([5,3,7,1,2])); chart.draw();

5) Return the chart as image, or save it to a file, etc (Check node-canvas documentation for more options)

res.writeHead(200, {'Content-Type': 'text/html'}); res.end("");

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