abstract factory class

npm install abstract-factory
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Interface for abstracting classes in your modules; IoC container.

How does using it help you?

  • Make your tests easier
  • Cheap dependency injection; no monolothic libs needed


npm install abstract-factory

Full Example

var AbstractFactory = require('abstract-factory');
var assert = require('assert');

// var AbstractFactory = require('abstract-factory');
var originalApi = {
        returnData: function () {
            return 'lots of data';
    cheaperApi = {
        returnData: function () {
            return 'less data';

var App = function (AbFactory) {
    this.myInterface = AbFactory;
App.prototype.getData = function () {
    // instead of referencing api directly, eg originalApi.returnData();
    return this.myInterface.getFactory('api').returnData();

// you've just received funding for your great new idea
// from YCombinator, and you launch your first version, fantastic!
var MyAppAlpha = new App(new AbstractFactory({
    api: originalApi

// oh dear your investors cut the funding suddenly...
// ...that's okay, all you have to do is swap out a single dependency
// when instantiating your app; no need to go hunting for methods
// buried deep in your lib dir
var MyAppBeta = new App(new AbstractFactory({
    api: cheaperApi

assert.equal(MyAppAlpha.getData(), 'lots of data', 'alpha app returns correct data from api');
assert.equal(MyAppBeta.getData(), 'less data', 'beta app returns correct data from api');
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