Double Entry Accounting

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Double Entry Accounting

Accountant is a set of utilities and scripts that I've developed to allow me to do accounts from the command line. In some way it's similar to (Ledger)[], although it's a lot simpler.


You use accountant by creating (or generating) an account.json file. This is simply a list of transactions and statements about your accounts.


[ {'date' : '2012-01-02', 'typ' : 'statement', 'acct' : 'mybank', 'balance' : 0, 'currency' : 'USD'}
, {'date' : '2012-01-03', 'typ' : 'transaction', 'src' : 'myjob',  'dest' : 'mybank', 'amount' : 1000.01, 'currency' : 'USD'}
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